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Yudhvir mobilizes youth support to fulfill PM Modi’s vision of Viksit Bharat

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JAMMU: Yudhvir Sethi, J&K BJP Vice President on Monday chaired a significant meeting aimed at mobilizing the youth to actively contribute towards realizing the vision of a developed India as envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The meeting brought together enthusiastic youth who are eager to champion the cause of progress and development.
During the meeting, Sethi passionately articulated the transformative vision of PM Modi’s Viksit Bharat (Developed India) and emphasized the crucial role that the youth of the nation play in its realization.
He underscored the need for proactive engagement and collective effort in advancing the agenda of inclusive growth, innovation, and prosperity for all.
Sethi urged the youth to wholeheartedly support the BJP’s initiatives and policies aimed at fostering development across all sectors.
He highlighted the remarkable strides made by the Modi government in areas such as economic growth, infrastructure development, and social welfare, citing them as examples of the commitment to building a stronger and more prosperous India.
Emphasizing the importance of youth empowerment and participation in nation-building activities, Sethi called upon the attendees to actively contribute their skills, ideas, and energy towards the realization of PM Modi’s vision. He encouraged them to become agents of positive change in their communities and to work tirelessly towards the collective goal of a Viksit Bharat.
The meeting concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and determination among the youth attendees, who pledged their unwavering support to the BJP and their commitment to championing the cause of national development under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Yudhvir Sethi reiterated the BJP’s steadfast commitment to empowering the youth and creating opportunities for their growth and advancement. As the nation marches towards a brighter future, the BJP remains dedicated to harnessing the potential of its youth and building a prosperous and inclusive India for generations to come, he added.

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