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Worried Pakistan

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Dear Editor,
The surgical strike by the Indian Army on terror camps in Myanmar marks a shift in India’s policy of tackling terror. To those plotting nefarious designs against India, the message is loud and clear: They will not get away with their crimes. The government’s bold stance has caused a lot of uneasiness among Pakistani Generals who have long used terrorism as a state policy against India (though it is a different matter that the same terror groups now threaten Pakistan’s own security).
Pakistan is terribly worried that, should the Indian Army target the terror camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, its own army, unable to match the might of the Indian forces, will have yet another embarrassment on its hands. Pakistan has lost much of its credibility on the world stage. Barring a few, no country trusts the rulers of Pakistan. Even the Islamic states don’t care anymore. It is in Pakistan’s best interests to uproot its terror factories. Or else, it should be ready to face the wrath of the world-class Indian military.
Hanit Chauhan
New Delhi

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