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World Radio Day-13th February

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Dear Editor
There is a tagline written outside my office which says ‘RADIO IS THE THEATRE OF MIND’. And now I truly believe that it is indeed the theatre of mind. Whenever we think of radio the first thought that crosses our mind is a big radio set with AIR tuned in and Ameen Sayani hosting Binaca Geet Mala .But lot has changed in radio since that era .Since the privatisation of radio in 1993 and then again in 2001, radio has evolved a lot. In the era when the whole world is fast changing I believe that radio is blessed with immortality because its popularity among masses is still the same.This is mainly because more than just a source of entertainment, radio is basically a friend in pocket .The beauty of radio is that it is one on one medium. It is not only informative but at the same time it is entertaining as well. There is always someone talking to you from that box. More or the less radio is the localised medium and its audience and listenership is more localized in nature, so by nature of that radio has more city connect and has more far reaching impact on local population. Unlike TV and internet, radio is a background medium that entertains us, informs us, gives hourly updates while we are doing something else too simultaneously.
Many people ask me this question ,that in this era of digitalisation, You tube and television why do we need a radio .I answer them that radio is not a means of entertainment or information, but it’s a friend who is informative and entertaining at the same time. The radio lifts our mood while we are driving back to our homes in the evening from work and gives a bright sunshine to our lives while we are heading for work in the morning. Radio makes us laugh when we listen to the satires and prank calls and at the same time comforts us in the lane of imagination and memory when some one is narrating a story. It builds a strong opinion among the masses over an issue when people take part in debates and arguments on air. Radio helps the local entrepreneurs to advertise their business and promote their ventures. It is rightly said that,” you can fool the eyes but you cannot fool the ears”. When someone sitting on other side of radio, on the mic suggests you and tells you what to do and shares his own personal experiences of life, you automatically feel emotionally connected to that person .Radio in foreign countries like USA, which also has the highest listenership on radio round the globe, is used to create a political opinion among the masses and this is the biggest reason that majority of the election campaigns in USA spend a lot of money on radio for campaigning. However in India private radio is not allowed to broadcast news, yet a petition has already been filed in Supreme Court, to seek permission for allowing the private radio stations to broadcast news.
On 13th February 1946 UNO RADIO was established and since then that day is celebrated round the globe as World Radio Day. Radio is the only medium in India which has penetration to more than 90 per cent population of India and can easily convey the messages and ideas to far flung areas even. Radio has also served as savior in case of emergencies and natural calamity.The messsae of UNESCO on this Radio Day is “We are living a revolution in how we share and access information – and, yet, in midst of deep change, radio has never been so dynamic,engaging and important”.
R. J Nishant Vikram (B tech Civil and MBA)
Mirchi 98.3 FM
H no 7 lane 1
Tara Vihar Paloura

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