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Workshop on ‘Phonetics: The Art of Pronunciation’ held at JKPS Kunjwani

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JAMMU: Principal JKPS Kunjwani Rajesh Rathore conducted a workshop on Phonetics: The Art of Pronunciation for all the teachers of the school. He reflected upon the academic excellence & core competencies, expected from every teacher to equip JKIIANs with the requisite tools to transform their dreams into reality. He articulated the importance of “Effective communication skills” as one of the ten potential life skills, suggested by World Health Organization (WHO).
Adding further he said, “This age belongs to brilliant speakers and prolific writers. Professionally trained students get an upper edge over others. English, being a foreign language, requires a good training to be imparted to students.”
He conducted a workshop on phonetics, the art of pronunciation, as written English deals with 5 vowels, whereas spoken English deals with 23 vowels, namely, 12 monophthongs (single vowels), 08 diphthongs (double vowels) & 03 triphthongs (triple vowels).
A systematic exposure to various technicalities pertaining to phonemic transcriptions made the audience empowered. The Principal promised to introduce the training of Phonetics to the children of Grade 5 onwards.
It was indeed an extremely fruitful session, wherein more than 100 teachers of the school attended this workshop. The teachers enjoyed the session, as it was an extremely engaging & equipping session for them. Besides, discussing all the consonants and vowels with their phonetic symbols, the resource person transcribed all the technical terms submitted by the members of Science, Math, Social Science and English faculty beforehand. He also recapitulated all the specific words with their technicalities. He also invited a few teachers from the faculty of English, teaching Grades III-X, for attempting an exercise on the board. He wrote the phonemic transcription of the names of the months on the board, wherein he mentioned only the consonants & spaces were left blank for the vowels in every word.
All the teachers displayed their learning of phonetic symbols brilliantly & attempted the “fill in the blank” exercise to the utmost satisfaction of the resource person. The programme reached its culmination point with a vote of thanks by Arti Tikku, who appreciated the Resource Person for transcribing every word phonetically correct to every syllable on the board. She praised all the teachers for their inquisitiveness, commitment and dedication.

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