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Will quit if anyone proves fraudulent recruitment, says Sinha

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Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Lt Governor Manoj Sinha on Sunday said the recruitment process in the Union Territory was fair and vowed to quit if anyone proved otherwise.
For the first time in history, results of the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Services examination were declared within three hours of the last candidate’s interview.
His remarks come amid criticism of the government’s decision to appoint Aptech, a previously blacklisted agency, to conduct the Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board recruitment examination.
“Questions have been raised on selections. For the first time after Independence when the last candidate was interviewed in the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Services examination, the results were announced within three hours of that.
“If anyone alleges that one fraudulent recruitment has been made, I will leave Jammu and Kashmir the next minute,” Sinha said here.
Addressing a gathering at the opening of the tulip garden here, Sinha said wherever complaints had been received, a probe by the country’s premier investigating agency, the CBI, was ordered.
“Many people have been arrested and I want to assure the people that no one will be spared, even if he is powerful. Stringent punishment according to the country’s law and Constitution will be given to them,” he added.
Referring to the dismissal of several government employees and criticism by politicians, Sinha said 47 people were dismissed because of their alleged involvement in terror and anti-national activities.
“Those people who recruited 1.5 lakh people through the backdoor do not have any moral right to question. Let them introspect,” he said, adding that his administration would not take any wrong decision under pressure from anyone. Some people, who have amassed huge wealth by indulging in corruption, are opposing the imposition of property tax in the Union Territory, he said.
“The tax money, which is of the people, will be used for the benefit of the people. It will not be deposited in the consolidated fund of the Union Territory but in the local bodies’ accounts.
“But some people raise a hue and cry. Someone said tax will be imposed in villages as well. Some of them have held responsible posts. How can municipal tax be imposed in villages?” he asked.
Sinha also said that no tax would be imposed on religious places.
“But some people have a habit of saying nonsense, these people have amassed huge wealth for four-five generations by indulging in corruption. The people opposing it (municipal tax) are the ones who give Rs 5 lakh every month for their properties in Delhi and Mumbai. The people of Jammu and Kashmir do not oppose it,” Sinha said.
Of the 5.20 lakh households, 2.06 lakh have an area less than 1,000 square feet. No tax has been imposed on such households, he asserted.
It means 40 per cent of the population will not have to pay the tax, he said.
The second category is 1,000-1500 square feet for which a yearly tax of only Rs 1,000 will be imposed, and that too in some specific areas of Srinagar and Jammu cities. In the rest of the districts, it will be a maximum of Rs 700, he said.
There are 1.01 lakh commercial properties in Jammu and Kashmir. A maximum annual tax of Rs 700 will be imposed on only 46,000 of these. Rs 2,000 will be taxed annually from 20,000 properties in the cities of Srinagar and Jammu. The tax will be lower in other districts, Sinha concluded.

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