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Will likes of Hurriyat, JKLF settle for peace in Valley even with PDP self-rule?

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Untitled By Daya Sagar
Suggestions and opinions are live these days that Government of India must involve all stakeholders including ‘separatists’ for immediate deliberations on J&K in view of the environment in what Kashmir Valley has been pushed into after 8 July 2016. But question here is do even the separatists have a common point of reference and what is the framework for taking ‘mainstream’ local political groups in the ‘meeting room’?
It was on 9th July 2009 that Peoples Democratic Party in a special meeting where the then Party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Party president Mehbooba Mufti and Muzaffar Hussain Baig were present expressed that PDP self-rule flows through Article 370 and Instrument of Accession. Introducing the self-rule Muzaffar Hussain Baig had said (i) “Self rule was provided to the State in Instrument of Accession but later on it was snatched and taken back from Jammu Kashmir by the Government of India, (ii) PDP now wants it to be back , (iii) even the sovereignty of the State was maintained in Delhi agreement made between Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and Jawahar Lal Nehru and (iv) it was agreed by GOI that the controversial Article 356 of Indian Constitution won’t be applicable to JK by which New Delhi has the powers to dismiss an elected State government”. No one has so far asked how could that be so without amending the Constitution of India and the terms of 26th October 1947 Instrument of accession or without removing the clauses like that of joint control by India & Pakistan on some matters and policies pertaining to J&K as contained in the ‘same’ PDP’s Self Rule Framework 2008′ ?
Similarly , as regards some constitutional roll backs demanded by PDP in the light of Self Rule Framework October 2008 ( Article 356, present provisions in relation to Art 248 and Article 249 of Indian Constitution (by which New-Delhi can legislate on JK ), in Article 368, Article 312 dealing with ‘All India Services’ , deletion of word ‘temporary’ from Article 370 and like ) no legitimate debate / review is possible without raising questions on the Accession 1947 and Nationality of Kashmir (being India). But the style in what references are made to 1947 Accession, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir as Pak Administered Kashmir, suggestions like use of both Indo Pak currencies in only J&K (not whole of India & whole of Pakistan )and demands for dual Indo Pak control on some local matters pertaining to J&K and Pak held part of J&K nowhere qualify to be within the scope of 1947 Accession and article 370 of Constitution of India as has been at some occasions opined by PDP leadership . While talking to newsmen M. H Baig had also said “Self Rule addresses the problem of JK in four different dimensions, which includes (i)New Delhi-State relations; (ii) relations between the two divided parts of JK, (iii) resource sharing including trade, transport and other issues; (iv) relations between Pakistan & PaK and Inter-regional and sub-regional issues” . PDP claims that in 1947 it was envisioned that the final decision regarding accession has to be reached by the State Constituent Assembly and later on Constituent Assembly ratified Instrument of Accession, so now there is no need to have the word ‘temporary’ along with Article 370 . This way does the Self Rule Framework 2008 appears pushing PDP out of the scope to qualify as a mainstream political party of India and if should not PDP clear the doubts ? PDP has not made public any amendments , if at all made, in PDP SR Framework 2008.
Accusations have been made by some analysts that PDP leadership also wanted to remain at the international scene not much behind the separatists, hence occasionally also advocates / advocated early settlement of Kashmir issue (dispute ). Even Mufti Mohd Sayeed had been ‘wisely’ changing tracks to retain the goodwill of the common Kashmiri masses as well as those at New Delhi. Still with the present draft of Self Rule Famework 2008 can PDP assure that the likes of Hurriyat and JKLF would settle for return of peace in Kashmir Valley?
(Daya Sagar is a Sr Journalist and a social
activist 9419796096 [email protected]

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