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Whose dead are they, anyway?

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exclusiveRaj Daluja
JAMMU: Like Kargil incursion, Pakistan has yet again abandoned its terrorists who struck in Kashmir today and killed eleven security force personnel and a civilian before being eliminated. No Kashmir separatist outfit either raised hullaballoo in terms of human rights violation over the killing of these lunatic monsters, who did not only snatch young lives from the laps of their mothers but attempted to trample the democratic process in the largest democracy of the world.
The scenario as of now is that the gunned down terrorists neither belong to Pakistan nor come from the Valley. It is not that they are the monsters from no land. They are; but unclaimed. And hence the onus of disposal of their bodies lies on the government. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir will, therefore, have to act-and act fast.
Since they are unclaimed and unidentified, the government can either cremate them by consigning to flames or carry out their burial. But since the element of doubt will remain about their religious affiliation, let their bodies be passed on to the medical colleges for benefit of the medicos. This will be a great service to those killed, as they shall serve the cause of humanity after death, even though they proved to be brutes in their lifetime.
The disposal of the unclaimed bodies will perhaps be appreciated by all segments of society in the state, with cause of humanity getting served.

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