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What cause?

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Youth picked up weapons for a cause. Very rightly said by former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah while addressing a National Conference workers meet in Srinagar on Friday. But would he explain who created the situation. In any case everyone knows that the large deployment of security forces in Jammu and Kashmir and the scarifies of Indian soldiers is not just to fine tune the shooting skills of men in uniform. The deployment is also with a cause and that is to uphold the integrity, sovereignty and oneness of the nation. Today, Farooq must have realised the eroding public base and as far as past is concerned the NC patron is famous for courting controversies to keep himself afloat politically. Blame it on India, Pakistan, separatists, politicians and people of Kashmir the reality is that everyone basked under the circumstances and reaped fortunes. In reality Kashmir during all these years became a fertile ground for   richness. Divisive polices played by politicians of all hues have added to the chaos prevailing today and security force have become scapegoats. All the political drama being enacted it looks is aimed at the next phase of elections which is just another three years away. Politicians play to gallery and  know well a generation grown  under the shadow of terror is the right crop to harvest for political gains. They also know that youth of today hardly knows the realities of the past and the role played by the politicians in creating the mess of what Kashmir is today. Abdullah said the turmoil and hostility in J and K was in itself a result of extra-constitutional intrigues by successive regimes in New Delhi that went against all constitutional safeguards and promises that were provided to the State at the time of accession. Can he and his party absolve from the role they have played with New Delhi?  Who should be held responsible for the electoral debacle of Muslim United Front from whom emerged some of the separatists and militant leaders. The victory of NC in that polls was the turning point in the history of upheavals in Kashmir. Some section must be ruing about the political chance they missed immediately after the 2014 Assembly elections in government forming when the PDP leadership kept every one guessing under the agenda of alliance as part of confidence building measures. Will any politician from whichever party they belong explain the truth about Kashmir?

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