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Ways to slaughter illicit drugs monster

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Sunaina malik 

The dismay of drug obsession is mounting, with each passing day. As a hideous monster it is engulfing the valued lives of our juvenile boys and girls. This black world of drugs, first lures our young hearts towards its fictitious fantasy and then at the end, pushes them into a cavernous Gorge of death. Illicit drugs are that sort of sluggish poison which we take eagerly. Even in spite of knowing that, consumption of Alcohol, Cigarette, Heroine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Ganja, Charrs, Methamphetamine and Cannabis are perilous to our vigor and make our body, a host to many ailments, but all sections of our society, are inhaling it at a distressing pace.
As per the written records, India rank as third highest country, in the use of illicit drugs. There are about 7.5 crore drug addicts in our country (Ibn But according to official data from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, India has estimated 3.4 million drug abuse victims. It excludes Alcohol addicts who are around 11 million. But story does not end here addiction of drugs left no corner for a addict than to end her or his life in the thorny lap of suicide. Nearly 25,426 people committed suicide due to drug or addiction related problem, during last ten years. No doubt that Parliament of India has also come up with a strong Anti Narcotic law known as Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substance Act (NDPS) 1985, along with Narcotic Control Bureau(NCB) 1986. Under this Act, it is illegal for a person to produce/ manufacture/ cultivate/posses/sell/purchase/transport/store or consume any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance. But point to ponder is that, even in spite law enforcing agencies, this monster is mushrooming its roots in our society like a web of a spider. Following are some of main causes of drug consumption.
Easy availability of illicit drugs
By throwing dust in the eyes of law enforcing agencies, illicit drug traders, more likely to be called as death traders guarantee the availability of these drugs in schools, colleges, tuition centers, play grounds, barber shops, game coats, clubs, hotels, picnic spots, market etc. Thus adolescents visiting these places, fall a prey to drug consumption.
Starvation and scarcity pushes our minor boys in the under ground racket of drug business. Death traders first make them habitual of drug intake and then use them as carrier of this, in school campus, tuition centers etc, as they are minor so does not come under the shadow of suspicion. Moreover drug business is the easiest way of earning bundle of money in no time for the poor in the time radical unemployment.
Desertion from parents
Today every body is running swift for earning as much money as he or she can. A sort of incessant race has been running by us for past some time. We are quenching this thrust of our yearning at the Cast of love of our children. They often sleep before the arrival of their parents and awake after the departure of their parents for office. Thus our children become the victim of loneliness. And they quenchd the thrust of parental love by moving towards these drugs. Thus home commotion pushes young hearts towards this disreputable and risky world of drugs.
Foggy approach of government
At one hand it is labeled over the cigarette and alcohol packets that consumption is deleterious to health, on the other hand Govt. licensed the marketing of such products. Can some one respond me about this approach ? It is like, you put a plate of luscious food in front of a ravenous man and then anticipate from him, not to eat. It is as impracticable as if we say, we can live without oxygen.
Let us slaughter this dreadful Monster of drug infatuation by adopting following ways
(1)Four agencies- government, civil society, parents and adolescent boy and girls should join hands in such a way that it forms an embankment which would condense the area of drug production, transport and consumption to zero. This embankment should be so brawny that it would not permit even one molecule of illicit drug to penetrate in human societies.
(2)In spite of searching friends on internet and wasting time by chatting with them, we should give full time of care, adore and consideration to our young breed. We should treat them as acquaintances, so that they feel comfy with us and would feel uncomplicated in disclosing their sentiment, pains and tribulations. By this we can perceive even a single varation in them and would be victorious in curing the problem of drug craving even in preliminary stages. Thus by this we can hoard our child from vanishing into the gloomy world of drug obsession.
(3)Every child must be given ethical education right from infancy because moral edification gives proper course to human souls and would insulate them from any type of erroneous or depravity.
(4)Fast track Courts must be established to deal with drug trafficking cases. Drug traders rather death traders must be sternly punished, so that no one can goad to pierce in this black globe of bereavement.
Until we do not fulfil above mentioned blanks, it would be impossible to produce a generation which will further amplify the sphere of human ascendancy on the back of this planet, because addict doctors, engineers and addict KAS, IAS officers would fabricate nothing but create disarray.

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