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War mongering

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South China Sea is emerging the next hot spot as far as power blocks are concerned. China has warned of a “large-scale war” if the US blocks it from accessing the artificial islands China has built in the sea, a day after Secretary of State nominee said Washington should deny Beijing access to the new islands. In testimony before the Senate, Tillerson who is nominated by President-elect Donald Trump for the post of Secretary of State, likened China’s island-building to “Russia’s taking of Crimea”. The new US government would send China a clear signal that “first the island building stops, and second your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed,” he was reported to have said. It is not clear which point, among the many he made, he will prioritise. But it is worth looking at his remarks that China should not be allowed access to the islands, since this is the most radical statement from the US side so far. China has enough determination and strength to make sure that his rabble rousing will not succeed. It remains a question whether Tillerson, former Exxon Mobil Corp Chairman and Chief Executive, as Secretary of State will get through Senate scrutiny. If he is appointed, it remains to be seen to what extent his views against China will translate into US foreign policies. Not only were his views divergent from, even contrary to, those of Trump on some critical issues he openly conceded he is yet to have a serious, in-depth discussion with Trump on foreign policy imperatives. Such remarks are not worth taking seriously because they are a mish-mash of naivety, shortsightedness, worn-out prejudices, and unrealistic political fantasies. Should he act on them in the real world, it would be disastrous. On the contrary China has reacted with a different tone with taking the cover under the common interest of both countries i.e. US and China share for world peace. Beijing hopes to maintain that momentum in future also.

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