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War, a deadly monster

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Sunaina Malik 

It is very hard for me to comprehend, that inspite of having living examples of losses of wars fought so far, why our great politicians are still thrusty for the blood of their biological brothers? Why time and again they create situation which incites minority or destitute population to open war against them? Why humans are turning so revengeful towards the people of their own country or toward the people across the borders? So far as the Kashmir issue is concerned critics are sensing that this disputed matter can bring tsunami in the world in the form of third world war but politician of both the countries in particular and world in general have turned silent spectator. Nobody is coming forward, even UN is saying that this is the internal matter of India and Pakistan they should solve it by their own and what India and Pak are doing, every day a statement comes from Indian Prime Minister and counter statement comes from Pak ministry over Kashmir and cross border matters. This much is there day work for rest of the 23 hours they eat, drink, travel and sleep but sorry to say no one is thinking that for past 100 days we Kashmiris are locked within the four walls of our houses. We have not seen our gardens, we have not eaten enough food, and our wounds are devoid of treatment, many of us have turned over age, our children have forgot schools, hawkers are worried about the food of their children and our beautiful Dal Lake is waiting for its tourists. I am very apologetic to say that but India by not solving this disputed issue is airing the spark of fire and as we all know if the spark catches fire it can turn million quintals of grass into ash in no time.
As a matter of fact our human civilisation has reached over such a front where no suggestion is working. It is becoming very hard to bring back the quarrelsomes on the path of peace. The only way of bringing the world back in the air of compassion, love and brotherhood is that our politicians should follow what Quran, Bible and Gita say about the importance brotherhood and compassion in the world. Quran at so many places discussed the importance of brotherhood. Allah said in Surat (Al Hujurat 49:10) The believers are but brothers so make reconciliation between your brother and fear Allah you may receive mercy. Allah further mention importance of compassion in Surat Ali Imran 3:103. Moving ahead 25 verses of Bible talks about brotherhood like in Psalm 133:1 it is written Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity. John 4:20 If I love God and hates his brother, he is a liar, for one who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen, similarly Mathew 25:40, John 20:17 also give vivid description of importance of brotherhood for continuation of human race on the back of this planet. Moving to Bhagwat Gita chapter16 verse No. 1, 2, 3 explain the importance of compassion and brotherhood.
In the conclusion, I would like to say it is very foolish to fight for land and property in today’s world of education and awareness. More over we should not forget one thing that it is not asset and property which matter but it is only life which matters. This ongoing scenario of war will perish whole human population from the back of this planet then we would not be alive to enjoy the conquered land, property, oil tanks and shallow ego of supremacy afterwards.

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