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Dear Editor,
The people of Jammu are rightly agitated at the moment with the functional modus operandi of BJP-PDP Govt. especially BJP exposing itself as too weak kneed and spine less ruling partner from Jammu point of view. They are genuinely harbouring a feeling of betrayal of the first ever such a decisive mandate in Jammu province. After prolonged higgling haggling a workable Common Minimum Programme was put in place to run the Govt. in deference to the democratic verdict. There was nothing common in the political ideology of BJP and PDP. People were not much hopeful about post poll alliance of this heterogeneous combination. But BJP top brass fervently aspired to have access to the corridors of power in J and K to accomplish a new mile stone in their heitherto dry political sojourn. In due course of time things boiled down to formation of a Govt. headed by veteran Mufti and supported by novice Dr. Nirmal Singh . Jammuites pinned high hopes on young turks of BJP to take cudgles with regional prejudices and the long tormenting heady discrimination at the earliest opportunity but the cherished dream got miserably shattered at a lightning speed.
Agreed , the environment is not conducive to facilitate the abrogation of Article 370, at the moment no concrete consensual or military option can be exercised to implement Parliament Resolution of 1997 to liberate PoK, criminally neglected but nationally significant and highly sensitive issue of permanent settlement of West  Pak refugees appears to be an uphill task, Having said that the BJP is proving to be a damp squib in the eyes of Jammuites on the following substantive matters which are clamouring for urgent resolution.
The predecessor Govt. of N C and Congress had cleared a huge project of creating an artificial lake in Jammu. The process of construction had been set into motion with hefty amount of investment. The incumbent Govt. appears to be dragging its feet sans any plausible reason. People are baffled and agitated on this prejudicial move. Unarguably the Jammu region is grossly under developed as compared to Kashmir Valley.  In the first instance AIIMS was agreed to be built in Jammu but subsequently undue influence of Kashmir centric politics prevailed upon and it was decided to shift it to Valley as first priority. Obviously the Jammuites are not able to digest this unfair move. They are bubbling with anguish. This is so because a Jammu based political party is equal partner in governance. People have also experienced onslaught of discrimination in lopsided award of compensation to flood victims in Jammu region, disproportionate compensation for crop loss due to untimely incessant rains, there is no depletion in terrorist threat perception ,hard core separatists disowning allegiance to sovereignty of India are being given Indian pass ports, there is no let up in vilification drive against armed forces etc.
Accordingly Co-ordinating Committee of 70 odd organisations with definite agitational programme in Jammu sounds alarm bells. Wake up BJP stalwarts, stop compromising Jammu interests. The affairs of the nation cannot be conducted with compromises. Respect the aspirations of the people, steadily change the gears to play your effective role in the governance as bold partner to ward off existential crisis. Opportunities do not  descend on your threshold too often.
Trikuta Nagar, Jammu

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