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Vocational Education in broader Vision and its futuristic approach

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By Dr Rashpal Singh

Introduction of Vocational Education as per the proposition of National Education Policy 2020 is looking a beacon of optimism for young Population in the Nation. See our Country is world’s largest Populated and our demands are very high as compare to the other countries around the globe. Resources are also required to meet out the demands of such a larger section of Population across the length and breadth of country. Vocational Education is education that prepares a student to be a skilled fellow in number of trades and as per the availability in the given area. Jargons may be different in different countries such as career and technical education or acronyms TVET Technical Vocational Education and training. Aim behind Vocational Education is to make young minds a skilled professionals who can compete with the pace of developed countries. Here we not considering only Government Sector because there are numerous Avenues in corporate world and that sector requires skilled professionals/ technicians who can yield progression. India is heading towards digitalization, make in India, One Nation One Earth, Green India Clean India, Khelo India etc. In this context Vocational Education can play a vital role as the Youngsters can make best use of trades for which they will be trained along with formal education at School and college level. This technical education will be put into practice from Classes 6th to 8th in first Phase and 9th to 12th in phase second and thereafter in the higher Education. Vocational Education is essential to ensure the correct skills needed for the job. Beside our traditional way of Education, time has come to think smartly for need based Education as well which might fulfill the demand in near future. For sustainable development every Country needs better Education System and in this context Union Government introduced a new horizons in Education System in India which can transform the career of youngsters not only in Government sector but also in corporate world. You know when someone constructs his house everybody requires skilled professionals who can meet out the necessities of house like Drawing layouts, Mesons, Electricians, Plumbers, Interior Decorators, Carpenters, Gardeners etc. There’s dearth of Skilled Professionals in the Country which debarring us to make a pace with world’s economy. Vocational Education is an essential part of studies in European Countries. India is also looking to make its human resource a skilled and learnt fellows . It is obvious that everyone cannot be accommodated in Government Sector and such a large unskilled population is unable to earn their bread and butter. Vision of Vocational Education is to make the future generation as tomorrow’s skilled citizens. Introduction of Vocational Subjects in different Sr Secondary Schools is a great initiative taken by Ministry of Education Government of India across the country. This has been noticed that our young students are not motivated for Dignity of labour which is not yielding good results. With the introduction of Vocational trades along with normal curriculum will help to inculcate a moral values in young minds so that every work can be respected. By virtue of vocational education our Students should think rationally with 21st century skills. Critical thinking and Problem solving are the great highlights of NEP 2020. Youngsters will be motivated for opting trades which are locally available in particular region. By 2025 National Education Policy aims to provide 50 Percent Vocational Education to all Students. Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in the Country is laying emphasis over the meeting out genuine demands of Young Students because we have 30-35 Percent young population lives in India and to channelize their positive energy with innovative ideas, so that they can contribute to the Nation. Moral Values are the key of any society and New Education policy 2020dissimulate push the limit over it. Vocational Education will make a contretemps in the lives of Countless Youngsters which can transform motivational skills as you might have seen in Pvt Sector. This Professional Education will build self confidence, premiership which can draw best talent. It has been interpose that every scientist from 14th century to early 19th century were not of much degree holders but they were creative and thought smartly to invent number of phenomenons which are now become theories in Physics, chemistry, biological Sciences and many others aspects. So merely having a degree will not specify the actual aim of today’s need and progress. learning by doing is the Basic fundamental of Vocational Education. This will increase tangible skills of infantile mind who can move further in opting trades and career in the matter of sustainable life and this will increase the interest and competencies which are looking a whiter ray of hope to cope up with developing as well as developed nations. learning by Doing and to provide hands on training to Students having vocational Subjects like Health Care, Beauty and Parlours, Information technology, Electronics, Physical Fitness and Sports, Motor Vehicles, Electricity applications, Plumbers, carpenters etc. will indubitably bring a change in years to come. Vocational Education will contrive a skilled workforce and proficient in multi disciplinary learning. Today Switzerland is global leader in propagating Vocational Training. This Education will far sight a student for world stage. VET will provide strong job market, opportunity to prove pivotal skills that are needed to run an Industry, or an organisation. India is heading towards digitalization and at coetaneous aforementioned shall extract illustrious eventualities are just around the corner. Policymakers have defined the Vocational Education a greater fortuity. Learning level of every child is different and I believe that there must be selection of of trades or subjects pertaining to learners must be up to the Mark of their respective learning level. Students who are studying across the country are now looking other options which can specify their needs in better ways. New Education Policy 2020 brought up new hopes for tomorrow’s generation. Skilled Professionals versus Non Skilled Persons is a great challenge because we need a larger section of Society a skilled human resource so that there shouldn’t be dearth of employment. Today time is changing swiftly and needs it’s specifications. Vocational Training Centers are needed to be equipped with all those resources where young students can learn every Profession of their choice. One thing has been noticed that young generation is much creative and technical in these days as young minds are mostly looking for many job opportunities which are on board. To mark success rate in vocational trades all are required to put forward in such a way and these can get huge response from Government as well Pvt Sector. If we consider the example of India’s topmost business class they are not much familiar in formal education but reached at the heights where people even can’t dream to be. So all the successful people in India are the role model of our young generation. Many seminars /conversations are being held at School/ College level to motivate the students for opting vocational education for their better future. Many startups have been initiated in India and all are getting a great response. Vocational education will definitely change the scenario in India also because this is a professional type of learning and it’s training is not much lengthy and can gain great results and responses from our young generation in near future.
(The author is Senior Lecturer DIET Kud Udhampur).

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