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Virat Sant Sammelan held at Geeta Bhawan

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JAMMU: A grand Sant Sammelan was held at Geeta Bhawan, Parade Ground, Jammu by Sat-sang Prachar Sewa Man-dal Jammu and Kashmir on concluding day of Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah under the Presidentship of Phool Kumar Shastriji, Sunderbani wale to register their protest against the atrocities and indiscrimination with people following Sanatan Dharm.
Bhupinder Shastri speaking on the occasion emphasized that the pillars of Sanatan Sanskriti i.e. Ganga, Geeta, Gau, Gayatri and Gurushishya Parampara are being ignored in present scenario where people are busy in fulfilling their needs and greed.
“Hindu Samaj which is dedicated to religion is being seen as downtrodden. All this is because of full freedom of a few foreign channels engaged in propagating malicious and frivolous propaganda round the clock using indecent and foul language to defame Hindu Saints and Hindu Samaj with the ulterior motive of creating abhorrence against Sant Samaj”, he added.
The Sant Samaj alleged that bogus cases have been registered against many Sanatan Sants who are engaged in selfless services to the mankind.
Ghanishyam Shastriji explained that the people who are associated with Asharam Bapuji are demanding his release by doing lot of social work but none of the Media channels have ever aired this news.
Bishan Shastriji from R.S. Pura pointed out that how Shankracharya Jayendera Saraswati ji Maharaj, Jagatguru Kripalu ji Maharaj, and Swami Nityanandji Maharaj were falsely implicated and subsequently jailed but later none was proved guilty by the Court.
Satsang Prachar Sewa Mandal started one more service towards society i.e. free distribution of ‘Ganga Jal of Haridwar’. In the function MLA Jammu East Rajesh Gupta distributed “Bhagwad Geeta” and “Ganga Jal” among devotees.
Rajesh lauded the efforts of the team of Satsang Prachar Sewa Mandal, Jammu and Kashmir for this unique service towards society.

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