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Victory by Violence

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Dear Editor,
Victory of TMC in West Bengal Panchayat poll was a foregone conclusion considering the fact that TMC forged victory for the third consecutive term in the Assembly election. Its vote base has strong roots. TMC had dislodged CPM government and CPM had dislodged Congress government in West Bengal. These two parties have slipped to a position below the rank of BJP. BJP has maintained as principal opposition party. Still it has failed to make much inroads in West Bengal. There is a yawning gulf between TMC and BJP in terms of the seats bagged. Muslim votes have played dominating role in the election as in the case of previous elections.
The minority votes have been reportedly pocketed by Congress and Left. BJP has registered impressive victory in Nandigram Assembly Constituency. Erosion of vote share for TMC has come from Muslim votes going to the kitty of Congress and Left. Reportedly bomb was hurled while the counting was underway. This election has claimed the life of over 20 people. “Victory in the election is more important than the lives of people”. Upset with his violent conquests, king Ashoka repented very much for killing hundreds of thousands of people. Finally he renounced violence and embraced Buddhism.
Lord Bahubali fought against his brother. Later he renounced the luxury of mundane world. It is too much to expect this quality from the present day politicians and rulers. There was no need for TMC to create so much of disturbances in the election. The victory by violence leaves scar on the face of West Bengal. Even without creation of disturbances, the TMC would have won the election but with reduced margin. TMC is dominant in West Bengal but not in other pockets of the nation. There is absolutely little presence of TMC in other parts of the nation. TMC government at centre at the moment cannot be dreamt like BJP or NDA government. If there is NDA government at the centre, it is not because BJP does not have the majority but BJP roped in other supporting parties since the constituents of the NDA had supported BJP in times of need. A TMC government at centre despite its landslide victory in West Bengal elections is nowhere in the sight for the present.
K.V Seetharamaiah.

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