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Er Rajesh Pathak

With the awareness of the country in general, and its achievements in particular Rahul Gandhi seems to want to remain stranger for ever. Country has seen much of it; and the allies of I.N.D.I.A. Alliance either. More than the seat sharing tussle, the issue of Rahul as a PM,therefore, has made them keep falling apart despite Congress party’s fictious display of indifference.
And now this notion about Rahul gets to be more firm when he gave yet another piece of his ignorance by telling with utter contempt that Chinese phones are there in the hands of the people in the country in an election rally in MP. And now he is left with no option but to be rubbing the pain ofcounter attack of Modi’s jibe ‘ MoorkhonkeSardar’ (‘Chieftain of stupid’).
Modi is not wrong. PLI [Production Linked Incentive] scheme was launched to promote mobile manufacturing inside the country soon in post Covid days that country knows. Under this the production of electronic components and semi-conductors is targeted to undergo manufacturing inside the country itself . The scheme is of 41 thousands crores. Among the proposals came presently so far are from the domestic and foreign companies in general; and contract manufacturers of Apple in particular- such as Foxcon, Vistron, Pagtron, Samsung, Lava and Dixon. They are mostly those companies that want to take their business out of China to other destinations. These companies applied for the production of mobile phones with the cost of 15 thousand or above, as per provision of PLI schemes. However, no such limit of cost is set for Indian companies. From this scheme almost 12 lakhs people in country would get employment in the next 5 years.
The result is there for all to see .Today mobile-manufacturing has touched the figure of 4 lac crores in the country. Apple today is making its latest IPhone in India. Samsung Giga factory is also working with record production. Once totally dependent on import, India today has become second best ‘Mobile – manufacturing hub’ of the world. So says none other than former IAS officer Er. AshwiniVaishnav, electronics and information technology minister of present government . The export of IPhones made in the country has touched the amount of 23,000 crore rupees, which is half of the total export from the country so far . By the end of the fiscal year 2022-2023 the total amount earned from export would get to be 1lakh crore by the end of this year, according to a report.
Notably, like mobile phone, the production of laptop, computer and tablet may also flourish in the country itself in coming days, as their import is now banned. Two years back a PLI scheme was started in this sector, the result of which has now begun to be appeared. Hope this time Rahul would not be caught unaware of the report of the performance ever published in this new emerging sectors.

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