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Veterinary Assistant Surgeon terminated

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JAMMU: The Government of Jammu and Kashmir’s Agriculture Production Department has taken decisive action by terminating the services of Dr. Shahbaz Manzoor, a Veterinary Assistant Surgeon. This move comes after a prolonged series of deliberations and attempts to resolve the matter concerning Dr. Manzoor’s absence from duty.
Dr. Shahbaz Manzoor was initially appointed as a Veterinary Assistant Surgeon in the Sheep Husbandry Department of Jammu and Kashmir based on the recommendation of the J&K Public Service Commission. However, subsequent events led to complications regarding his employment status.
One significant development was Dr. Manzoor’s selection for a Ph.D. program in Veterinary Patho-biology at the prestigious College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. While this opportunity was a commendable achievement for Dr. Manzoor, it also raised questions about his commitment to his duties as a government employee.
The matter was further complicated by bureaucratic procedures and departmental protocols. Various government departments, including the General Administration Department and the Finance Department, scrutinized the case multiple times, seeking clarification and compliance with regulations governing study leave. Despite repeated notices and reminders to resume his duties, Dr. Manzoor failed to return to work, indicating a lack of interest in fulfilling his obligations as a Veterinary Assistant Surgeon. This raised concerns about his dedication to public service and adherence to professional responsibilities.
In light of Dr. Manzoor’s prolonged absence and apparent disinterest in returning to work, the Government of Jammu and Kashmir has decided to terminate his services. This decision, made under Article-128 of J&K Civil Service Regulations, 1956, reflects the government’s commitment to upholding standards of accountability and discipline in the public sector.
The termination of Dr. Shahbaz Manzoor’s services serves as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing professional commitments and fulfilling duties as a public servant. It underscores the need for individuals employed in government positions to demonstrate accountability and dedication to their roles.
While Dr. Manzoor’s case may be viewed as an isolated incident, it highlights broader issues related to employee conduct and adherence to regulations within government departments. It emphasizes the importance of effective governance and oversight mechanisms to ensure the efficient functioning of public institutions.
Moving forward, it is imperative for the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to enforce strict measures to prevent similar instances of absenteeism and negligence among government employees. This may involve implementing clearer guidelines for study leave, enhancing monitoring mechanisms, and promoting a culture of accountability and responsibility within the civil service.

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