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UAE’s Indian community lauds PM Modi’s global leadership

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Vijay Gupta

Dubai: As global leaders convened in Dubai for the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP-28) World Climate Action Summit to address the urgent issues of climate change and global warming, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged as a key figure as he unveiled the commitment of India to achieve the goals to reduce carbon emission in coming decades.

The Indian community in the UAE, expressed their pride and admiration for Prime Minister Modi’s leadership on the international stage. The enthusiasm was palpable as members of the diaspora gathered to witness the historic moment when their leader outlined India’s commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.
In an exclusive interaction with Young Bites, several members of the Indian community shared their thoughts.

Members of All Kerala Colleges Alumni Forum (AKCAF) were all praise for PM Narendra Modi and his leadership and said that India has become number one at global level. One of the members, who has been living in UAE for the last 40-years said India has been recognised and witnessed major transformation under Modi. They said that Modi is an international figure and leader of the world and they are happy to interact with him. ‘We want another term for PM Modi as Prime Minister of India’.

Devinder Lavate, president Maharastra Mandal said, “We are very excited. PM Modi is very concerned about climate change and he had outlined the path during the G-20 meeting when the Biofuel Alliance was launched. Modi has taken several initiatives. Similarly another member of the diaspora, Sachin who has been living in UAE for 27 years said, “Modi is a world leader and due to the strong
leadership, Indian passport is one of the strongest today. “Soon we will have the biggest temple in the UAE and it is all due to PM Modi”.

Saloni Saragni, Indian Ladies Association, Abu Dhabi, “We are very blessed to have a glimpse of PM Modi. Global warming is a very important issue and India has taken several steps to address those. Nobody can prevent India from becoming a world leader. Climate change is a crucial issue for the world”. Another member said that Modi is leading the efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.

A member of the diaspora explained that COP 28 is a conference which will decide the future of the world. He said that it has been decided that a certain percentage of carbon emission will be reduced to some extent in the coming decades. Modi has the power to convince the world to address the climate change issues. It was Modi who brought G-20 members to agree on resolution.

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