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Trump challenges Clinton’s promises in new video

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Trump challenges Clinton's promises in new videoWashington: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has come out with a new video challenging his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s plans on jobs, taxes and national security, a day after she promised to provide steady leadership.

The video, titled ‘The Speech’, starts by telling audience that they would have heard the acceptance speech of Clinton in Philadelphia on Thursday.

“But behind the glitter lies this stark truth: In Hillary Clinton’s America — things get worse. Under her dishonest plan: Taxes keep rising. Terrorism spreads. Washington insiders remain in control. Americans, losing their jobs, homes…and hope,” it says.

The video then tries to contrast this with Trump’s promises and vision.

“In Donald Trump’s America: People are put back to work, Our families are safe, the American dream achievable again.

Change that Makes America Great Again,” the video says.

It ends with a voice over from Trump, saying that he approves this message.

Declaring that the US is at a “moment of reckoning”, Clinton had yesterday attacked Trump for his “bigotry and bombast” while pitching herself to be a steady leader, as she scripted history by becoming the first woman presidential nominee.


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