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Traffic cops act too; surprise!

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JAMMU: Incredible but true. In a choked atmosphere of traffic mismanagement on maddening Jammu roads, there can be a semblance of discipline too, provided conscious citizens act a little bit.
It was indeed a pleasant surprise for a private car owner, tailing a passenger carrier on Talab Tillo-Canal Road, when his signal for stopping the vehicle ahead of him was positively responded by four men in blues led by Sub Inspector Zubaida Akhter.
The man on wheels of the private car informed the cops how the passenger carrier driver teased the tail-enders from Gole-Pulli to Canal Crossing and misbehaved when asked to halt his vehicle on the side instead of middle of the road. Not only that he and his conductor mocked at the hapless citizen, making use of choicest invectives.
True to his nature, the driver of the 407-mini bus kept begging of the lady officer to leave him this time but that was not to be because passengers on board of the vehicle lodged yet another complaint that despite requests he did not tune down the volume of his ‘deck’, in local parlance, causing lot of nuisance.
Sub Inspector Zubaida assured the passengers that the driver will have to pay for the violations and challaned or imposed on-the-spot fine, whatever it is. The passengers appreciated the lady officer and those who assembled around the vehicle were heard saying the menace being caused by passenger vehicle pliers can’t be stopped unless people take lead role.
“People have to come forward and say ‘enough is enough, as mid-way boarding and alighting of passengers is too risky because of unruly traffic’, one of the youngsters was heard saying.
Shakti Gupta, a young student, told STATE TIMES that once people react to this nuisance, there will be little scope for such of the traffic cops who remain hand-in-glove with them. “This will stop the menace of Hafta as well”, he said.

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