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Time to rethink

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Dear Editor,
The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their political greed in times of moral crisis. It has been witnessed that Kashmir and politics go hand in hand. Kashmir is always in the news but of the late, for bad reasons, be it terrorism or any natural calamity, Kashmir is always in the news but unfortunately the paradise on earth has been the talking point for sufferings, brutality and unrest. As a Kashmiri, I feel blessed that I was born in a valley which has extraordinary created by God. We talk of paradise, the feeling one can get is none other than Kashmir. Then one thing that is surprising is why a common Kashmiri is always brooding and complaining about his fate? God has specially created this Valley in a good mood then why everyone cries and rues the existence of Kashmir. The cultural heritage of Kashmir can be a learning experience for everyone. The Sufi culture blossomed in this land. Kashmirayat is a concept which can heal all the wounds in this materialistic world. Then why a Kashmiri is suffering? Ask any Kashmiri Muslim or a Kashmiri Pandit in their individual capacity,they will talk about brotherhood and spiritual aspect, talk endless about Led Ded and Nund Rush but when a collective opinion come out, their is hatred and mistrust. Even on social sites their is no dearth of hatred and mistrust being spread and Kashmiris follow this whole heartedly as we forget the love and peace that was spread by Sufi saints, who are even now followed by both religions. I am a firm believer that a true Kashmiri who knows the heritage and culture of Kashmirayat can’t be so aggressive and impatient. Kashmiris are not so naive to think who is taking them for a ride. Why can’t Kashmir be off from news for few years so that peace returns again. Even in the crisis some self interested people are acting like vultures to stop rescue operations. Even if we are not in Kashmir as Kashmiris our heart bleeds if something is wrong in Kashmir. How can we imagine Kashmir in trouble? I think God has alerted us all to ponder and rethink rationally where we are heading. As Kashmiris we need to rethink about our deeds and follow the principles of our ancestors There should be an end of Kashmir being in news for bad reasons, now onwards.
Sanjay Raina

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