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THRASHING OF A COP IN UNIFORM;Inquiry against blue-eyed SHO: Fact or fiction!

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jammu mapJAMMU: Following uproar over hushing up of a case pertaining to manhandling of a cop last Thursday, Senior Superintendent of Police Jammu has ordered a probe over the allegation of money having exchanged hands between the accused and the blue-eyed and high-profile SHO.
Sources, however, termed the action as just an eye-wash to cool down raging tempers, saying that reports of similar inquiries ordered against a number of senior and middle rung police officers in the past, never saw light of the day. “Ordering inquiries is actually a ploy to insulate the police officers under fire for obvious reasons”, sources said adding that while the inquiries generally revolve around the allegations of corruption or abuse of power, in the instant case, however, it pertained the dignity of police force itself. How a police officer can tolerate public thrashing of a Man in Khaki, the sources wondered.
The SHO, in the storm of controversy, has also been in the news for contempt of court case in the matter of Complaint No. 19/PTCJ, titled “Bharat Indu Dutta Versus State through SHO Pacca Danga, Jammu” dated December 26, 2015 forwarded to the SHO under Section 156 (3) Cr.P.C for investigation and necessary action under law by the Court, when according to the complainant SHO refused to register FIR even in the presence of his counsel and Pacca Danga staff.
In this case, no inquiry was conducted by the seniors against the SHO for not registering FIR which led to contempt of court as the blue eyed backdoor enter has links with politicians and seniors with an added qualification of being SHO which is the earning conduit of seniors.
In the instant case of thrashing a police personnel, the same SHO is reported not to have only treated the accused with a sumptuous tea but seen off with due courtesy in lieu of a consideration, which insiders claimed to be to the tune of Rs 25,000. Believe sources, the inquiry ordered by the SSP Jammu has not satiated the anguished people, as they know that it will be yet another probe, report of which will be consigned to shelves of some quite corner in the District Police Headquarters.
A retired police officer, on the condition of anonymity, said that generally an SHO gets posting after paying Rs 10 to 20 lakhs, which is why unscrupulous among them realize the bribed money by indulging in acts of omission and commission, corruption being the buzz word.
Moreover, the poor SHO has to bear other expenses of seniors like railway tickets, air tickets, cinema tickets, dinners to seniors and their guests in restaurants under their area.
Sometimes shopping in their area for seniors is to be borne by these innocent, competent SHOs. All these compulsions and extra expense compels the SHOs to go for extra earning even selling of seized articles.
According to sources, goods seized by Pacca Danga Police Station during the course of recoveries made in theft cases or seizures are sold in the open market instead of depositing these in Malkhana.
During this year’s kite flying season, over 600 Chinese bales (Chrakhari) were seized by the Pacca Danga police and later sold in the market despite ban on this hazardous material perhaps either to enhance the income or to meet out the expense of seniors.

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