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Thousands of devotees visit Subar Nag temple in Bhaderwah to celebrate Baisakhi

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BHADERWAH/JAMMU: Thousands of devotees converged at the ancient Subar-Nag temple in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bhaderwah district on Thursday to celebrate Baisakhi.

Located at a height of 12,000 feet, the doors of the 1,600-year-old temple were opened on Thursday.

The festival marks the beginning of spring. The festival at this temple is considered the first Baisakhi in the country. In other other parts of the country, the festival will be celebrated tomorrow.

The traditional celebrations started early in morning with the opening of doors of the temple at Subar Dhar, 35 Km from Bhaderwah town that was followed by sacrificing of rams.

Thoursands of devotees converged at the temple after trekking 12 km steep hill to pay their obeisance to the Lord Subar Nag.

On this occasion dozens of sheep were sacrificed as per ancient custom.

“This festival has not only the religious importance but this is also the most ancient festival of this area. Devotees from the different parts of the valley, including Chinta, Bhlaara and Sharora, arrive here with holy mace to get blessings of Lord Subhar Nag.

“The doors of 1,600-year-old temple were thrown open for the devotees this morning,” Anil Kumar Raina, Head Priest said.

Locals also demanded that the ancient spring festival be brought under pilgrimage tourism circuit.

“This is not only ancient and historic festival symbolizing the unique Nag culture but the temple is also located amid lush green grasslands surrounded with snow peaked mountain,” said Phulail Singh (61) head organiser of the mela.

“Having all the ingredients to attract devotees and tourists from across the globe, the tourism department and BDA (Bhaderwah Development Authority) has done nothing concrete so for to project it as pilgrimage destination,” Phulail Singh added.

“After four months during which we mostly remain indoors due to harsh climatic conditions and snow, this festival which marks the new spring season, not only rejuvenates us but also gives us a chance to meet our relatives and friends.

“Besides all our wishes are full filled by Lord Subhar Nag,” a young devotee, Diksha (21), said.

Superintendent of Police, Bhaderwah, Kameshwar Puri said elaborate security arrangements were made to facilitate the smooth conduct of the festival.

“A total of 15,000 devotees, including 9,500 women, visited the ancient temple. To keep the high altitude meadow clean and free from plastic waste, authorities had deployed men as well as kiosks were made for collection of polythene and plastic waste,” said Puri. (PTI)

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