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The Crux of Modi’s Jammu Address

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Omkar Dattatray

Prime minister Narendra Modi has become very popular among the people from north to south and east to west. Modi can be described as the Indian people’s Hardey samrath and thus the people without any distinction are attracted towards him and same was seen yesterday when Modi addressed a mammoth gathering at Maulana Azad Stadium as it was jam-packed and people listened his speech with rapt attention. .Modi delivered a historic address which was epoch-making and was received well by the people .Modi commenced his address with a Dogri couplet of Padma Sachdev ‘Mitthi -e-Dogrein Di Boli Te Khand Mithe Log Dogre ‘and thus there was great applause by the audience .Modi gave a long speech but his address was development oriented and the sum and substance of his speech was development of Jammu and Kashmir as it is obvious in the development of India which he calls as Viksit Bharat and VIksit Jammu and Kashmir .He said that article 370 was the great wall of barrier and hindrance between the development of Jammu and Kashmir and it was a wall of psychological width between Jammu and Kashmir and India .However this wall of hatred has been dismantled and it paved the way for development and all round progress of Jammu and Kashmir .The terrorists activities are on the wane and the days of hartal and militancy are over and the economic activity has gained momentum and the common people are feeling relieved .Modi said,’ ‘Jammu and Kashmir is on the path of everlasting peace and development after scrapping the special status that been blocked by the people who remained in power for seven decades.” He stated that article 370 was a wall between the country and J&K’s development and it was removed for ever by the BJP government .”He added that the families that ruled J&K for 70 years never thought about the people and youth but instead worked to keep their parties relvance to grab power again and again .Just as the Modi’s speech was development oriented and so were the inaugurations, stone laying ceremonies and the dedication to the people of Jammu and Kashmir a number of projects. The prime minister inaugurated over 220 projects worth Rs 32,000 crores for Jammu and Kashmir and thus he won the hearts and minds of the people of Jammu and Kashmir .Even his political foes were quick to appreciate his broadmindedness in dedicating to Jammu and Kashmir hundreds of projects which will further boost the economic development of Jammu and Kashmir .Modi said education ,connectivity and development has replaced terrorism and hartals.
He lashed out at the dynastic parties and their rule which cared only for their families and relegated the people to backwardness .It no ordinary thing that Modi inaugurated, dedicated to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and laid the foundation stone of multiple development projects costing Rs 32,000 crore .These projects relate to several sectors including health ,education ,rail, road, aviation ,and civic infrastructure among others .Modi also distributed appointment orders to about 1500 youth .The longest transportation tunnel of the country on Udhampur -Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link (USBRL) was opened by PM Narendra Modi as he flagged off the first electrified train of the Kashmir valley.
Modi and his government made impossible ,possible when he inaugurated 48.1 km -long Banihal -Khari -Sumber-Sangaldan section .Modi said record number of schools, colleges ,universities were established in India in last 10 years and in Jammu Kashmir alone ,50 new colleges were opened .Modi also interacted with several beneficiaries of the government schemes in his programme of the’Viksit Bharat,Viksit Jammu and Kashmir.’
PM expressed delight that the benefits of the governments schemes is reaching out to the remotest corners of Jammu and Kashmir .Even Modi’s critics were forced to appreciate his efforts to make Jammu and Kashmir a fast developing UT and in this connection Member Parliament and president of National conference Farooq Abdullah congratulated Modi for his painstaking efforts to make Jammu and Kashmir a fast developing place .Farooq Abdullah congratulated Prime minister Narendra Modi and Railway ministry for the launch of new rail projects for Jammu and Kashmir .Dr Farooq Abdullah said ,”This is a big step by the Railway ministry and PM Narendra Modi and we welcome this initiative .We congratulate them on achieving this milestone .”PM inaugurated AIIMS in Jammu and said that now the people will not have to visit outside for treatment and this is in fact the big achievement of the Modi government .Modi inaugurated new electric train to Kashmir .Modi also flagged off the first train from Sangaldan in Jammu to Baramullah in Kashmir thus linking far off and remotest place of Sangaldan to Baramullah .Besides the new electrified train will give boost to the trade and business in Jammu and Kashmir. PDP leaders M.H ,Baig lauded Modi and said that the lives of the people have changed in Modi’s rule .Baig said he strongly believes that Modi’ BJP will get 370 seats in the general elections .He described PM Modi’s speech as historical .In short Modi’s Jammu speech was development oriented as he talked in detail about the development of Jammu and Kashmir and Baig has described his address as masterpiece. To conclude Modi’s speech was developmental as he talked about Viksit Jammu and Kashmir again and again .So sum and substance of Modi’s address was development of Jammu and Kashmir and the whole country.
(The author is a columnist,
social and KP activist)

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