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Terror has no religion

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Dear Editor,
Today I want to begin with a saying that if you keep a snake at your backyard expecting that it would only bite your enemies but one day the snake  would bite you as well.All what happened in Peshawar is a current example of the above saying.However, yesterday the terror attacked ‘Lets chocolate’ cafe in Sydney and today it was an army school in Peshawar.Even in India, how could we expect our safe tomorrow? Though Pakistan has never admitted it but our newspapers and channels always let us to know that terrorism is an instrument cultivated in the land of Pakistan but now it  is rapidly spreading its wings across the globe letting humanity to live under their terror.The dire need of both the nations, whether it is India or Pakistan, is to join our hands and fight collectively this time against terrorism and let our coming generations  breathe in a peaceful and safe atmosphere.
Abhishek Jandial
MIET Jammu

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