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Tattering Pakistan and muteness of paid fringe Kashmiri leaders

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The fringe Kashmiri leaders, aided and paid from across the borders, have gone mute over the civil uprising in the rogue state of Pakistan, currently at the verge of sure collapse due to political turmoil over corruption, plunder, deception and betrayal to their own people. Irrespective of their party affiliations, the Pakistani leaders and army junta are on the line of fire with Pakistanis flexing muscles to lynch them. Lynching may appear crude analogy but how can the takeover of the Corps Commander’s House in Lahore following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan be explained. One can understand the reaction of the violent mob had the army general been at his ransacked residence. Videos showing storming of the house were a reminder of the Sri-Lankans enjoying the luxuries of the Presidential Palace and Prime Minister’s estate in Colombo on July 13 last year. The addendum in Lahore was protesters taking a lot of things, including peacocks, Biryani, chocolates and other eatables from the Corps Commander House.

If reports are to be believed, more than 150 chartered jet flights took off from various Pakistani cities soon after the civil unrest broke down in the failed country. The politicians and the army junta have created huge assets and accumulated whopping wealth in foreign banks, leaving Pakistanis to fend for themselves. Atta, pulses, edible oil and other basic essentials are luxury for common Pakistani while their leaders and generals are enjoying all the luxuries.
What an irony, the man taking the peacock from the Corps Commander’s House told the media that he took it because it was bought with ‘citizen’s money’. It is only common man’s money that the leaders are fashioned to siphon with. This is true everywhere, be it Pakistan or Kashmir. Several fringe leaders in the Valley, who for their personal agenda are die-hard supporters of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, too are facing corruption, nepotism and favouritism charges. One can understand the embarrassment of such fringe elements and every Tom, Dick and Harry over the Pakistan crisis. They have been seeing the Messiah in Pakistan. Feeble reactions are available of some leaders wherein they tend to find the alibis as a face saver for the radical nation in India’s backyards. They, as usual, say that destabilized Pakistan is dangerous for all countries, including India. How cleverly they condone all the hell let lose by Pakistan in the Valley during the past over three decades. What more danger India can expect from the neighbouring Islamic Republic than getting engaged in three wars apart from the ongoing proxy war. There has never been any evidence that a strong Pakistan has been good for India, In fact creation of the rogue country was based on hate India and Hindus. The fringe elements in the Valley must understand that militarily and economically strong Pakistan has nuisance value of pushing in weapons and money to promote Jihad in the Valley. Turbulence in Pakistan means less foreign investment flowing from the other countries, meaning total disaster. The presence of this theocratic country will always remain a fascination for Jihadis of the Valley as also the country and therefore its decimation is in the interests of peace in the Indian sub-continent. The leaders with vested interest in Kashmir must also understand that a weak Pakistan will weaken the terror campaigns of radicals in general and Taliban’s in particular, who are daydreaming of destabilizing India to achieve their nefarious objective of Ghazwa-e-Hind. With Pakistan shattered, China will lose its sheen Islamabad as a base against India. Therefore, such self-styled leaders must know that weak Pakistan is in the larger interests of India, as also all those countries who want peace and tranquility.
One of the leaders sees a silver lining in Pakistan turmoil by saying that the judiciary and media in that country are holding the establishment accountable. This is the way of taunting the Indian media and judiciary.
The fringe leaders’ pro-Pakistan stance is not for love of that country but it is just to remain relevant in politics and hog headlines, the two important ingredients to rehabilitate power corridors. Had they any love for Islamabad they would have condemned their army and rulers for heaping miseries on the people and committing the worst type of human rights violations? Their rants on Pakistan are just a political agenda-the most nefarious one.
The votaries of Pakistan have never spoken a word about common Pakistanis eulogizing India and its leadership for steering the country to peace and progress despite numerous challenges including the pandemic. They will not appreciate Indian democracy that has withstood the test of times and seen transition in a most peaceful manner unlike Pakistan where Prime Ministers and Presidents are either executed or exiled to die on foreign lands. These elements cannot reconcile either with India demonstrating grandeur and grace even in most turbulent situations and agitations sponsored by inimical elements within and outside the country. Will the shameless fringe leaders still pitch for India talking to Pakistan-a shamed nation, on the way to its decimation?

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