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Taste of Namkeen Kashmiri tea

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Dear Editor,
On 30th December 2015 at 06:45 AM I parked my Zen Estillo in front of a hotel at Bus Stand Jammu. After handing over the requisite Dak [printed matter] in Ramnagar bound bus, while returning I stood before this hotel and watched a bearded man taking tea and owner was also sipping along with. I asked Mr. Khan what is this- lipton tea or traditional Kasmiri Namkeen tea?
Answer was sir, Namkeen Kashmiri Tea. I got a cup. Without asking, he offered a Namkeen Kashmiri small bakery laden with Khaskhas. Cup got emptied and I got one more.
I offered money that he refused to take. Since I am well paid State Government servant. I offered forcefully and he deducted only rupees ten giving me back ten rupees out of 20 rupee denomination given to him.
I did not ask the name of the owner. But after a long gap, I really tasted the Namkeen [salted] Kashmiri tea along with a Kashmiri bakery. I request you all to taste Namkeen Kashmiri tea in morning hours. I am thankful to the owner for his gesture of goodwill.
Dr Kuldeep Singh

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