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Take Time to Find Time

We are living in an age where there is much to do and not enough time to do it. Every day, we are caught in a net of information; bombarded by information through various technologies, platforms and outlets and much of our time is spent in

Bid goodbye to year 2022 with a wake

As we prepare to say goodbye to the year 2022, it may be instructive to take a peek at the many ways by which different cultures face the death of a loved one or thing. In western tradition, when a person dies, a ‘wake’ is held to watch

Learning to overcome mental pollution

There is much debate on different kinds of pollution – water, soil, air and other elements. But the most dangerous of them all is mental pollution that is rarely acknowledged and hardly discussed in public forums. Any kind of mental

A Beautiful Universe

After receiving the 2022 Templeton Prize, Frank Wilczek interacted with The Times of India at a reception at Times Center, New York City. “Conceptual perfection in equations governs the physical world. Beauty helps us know how the world

Tempered Risk-Taking

Is Risk-taking is mostly Due to Hormones?Picture a young couple driving on a cliffside road, with the man driving. They come by a slow-moving car, and wish to overtake it, but a truck rapidly approaches on the oncoming lane. Rather than

Journeying into Freedom

Text: We are used to thinking of freedom as an event that we experience. Nations celebrate the day of their ‘independence’ from foreign rule; those wrongly accused, celebrate a conviction that has been overturned, teenagers ‘coming of age’
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