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Tackle pollution

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Alarmed over the growing pollution especially in metros and other large cities Environment Ministry has decided soon to come out with an advisory on taking up short, medium and long term measures to tackle air pollution, after holding wide consultations. The ministry will hold meetings with all the state environment ministers, other stakeholders like NGOs, and then the advisory will be issued. It looks the festivity celebration on Diwali has cautioned the government of worsening scenario of pollution and there is a need for collective effort to tackle the issue at an individual level. Stricter rules need to be enforced to tackle the air pollution problem and the ministry will urge the states to do so and even if the existing rules implemented sincerely very positive results can be achieved. But red-tapism and corrupt Babucracy has buried such initiatives under corruption. The issue is not just bringing in strict laws it has be implemented and monitored throughout the year and not one day to get the expected safe breathing air for the citizen of the country. While dealing with environment, experiments are OK at some stage. One may get short term gains through it when it is politicized so one cannot ignore this aspect too but in general it should be kept away from the creepy politicians who only see their benefit at the end of the tunnel that is the vote count nothing beyond. Coming of any advisory from the governments side is welcome but how and who is going to implement will matter the efficacy of the regulations. Till then the story repeats as has been doing in the past.

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