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A synthesis of sexual anarchy

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Raj Paul Sharma

Vice and virtue go together in this world of duality: neither is capable of eliminating the other. Maintenance of their harmonious proportion is a test for an effective social order. Once vice is allowed to cross the permissible limits it starts snow balling and ultimately becomes unmanageable. This is in reference to the present stage of sexual crime in our country. The complex character of the problem merits a meticulous deliberation.
Family is the basic unit of society. We cannot afford to ignore the role of family in providing a desirable mould for our next generation citizens. The argument can be relevant as long as family holds the grip over its members especially the young wards. In our case role of family has been usurped by outer influences. Early age use of drugs has assumed the status of fashion amongst youth of today. An addict is prematurely lured by sex and other allied attractions. This is something that warrants society’s indulgence. All types of intoxicants need to be banned and an effective vigil kept on schools and colleges hostels, hair salons, tuck shops and beauty parlours, etc. This is the basic requirement for the empowerment of family. It does not mean that we stop our children from looking westward. They may, but upto a desirable degree. It is good to respect neighour’s father but without abandoning your own. It is not difficult to achieve the target in a country which is a repository of religions and all good values.
In addition to this basic factor there are other propellant agents varying from case to case. They can be summarised as based on vendetta, sexual neuroticism, desire for physically resistant target, habitual vandalism, a male version of masochism, blackmail, sexual perversion and many other forms of psychosexual disorder in a male. It will, I perceive be injust with theme if we proceed ahead without a few words on the basic and most potent propellant factor viz biochemical changes in a human while on the threshold of adolescence. This is the crusial stage that shapes the mentality of man in the making. Channelising the adolescence energy towards positive direction through motivation, exercise, games or adventurist pursuits we can provide the desired mind frame to our future citizens. In case the society ignores its responsibility at this stage our youth is apt to step aside towards licentious tendencies associated with crime, drug and sexual assaults. Whatever be the cause the horror of the episode and its ramifications is very difficult to comprehend. The physical torture compounded by an acute sense of helplessness, a temporary thoughtlessness, complete erosion of self confidence and utter humiliation, an indelible scar on personal and family reputation become the fate of the victim.
Suicide cases after rape land credence to the belief that rape is an offence worse than murder. Any cruel act is termed as heinous act, however it is within the knowledge of almost all of us that heina, the cruelest of the cruel creature on earth is not a rapist. What an irony that despite the shame, mankind proudly declares itself as ‘surv sureshth praani: ashruf-ul-makhukaat’ – the superior most creation of God.
It will be pertinent to spare a few words regarding legal aspect of the problem. Continuous upsurge of sexual crime indicates that legal provisions as it exists today are not enough to check its flow. The situation warrants a full-fledged specific Act of sexual crime including, rape and child abuse on the same pedestal. Provisions for time savings and avoidance of time killings tactics is a must. Enactment of such far reaching consequences does not deserve to be passed in a huff. Before any exercise in the legislature, proposals from legal luminaries and women organisations should serve as a pre-requisite. This class of offences can be declared as inhuman with corresponding after effects. However, every effort should be made as a safeguard against misuse of its provision as a means of blackmail or satisfaction of some personal grievance.
Einstein the famous scientist had once remarked that two things are eternal, the universe and stupidity of mankind. In the present context stupidity factor owes more pertinence to male gender. It is often experienced that even cursory smile from a female is sufficient to push someone of lesser mentality into a fool’s paradise deducing nonsensical inferences of all sorts. Females have also an inherent craze for being noticed. The fact has been beautifully expressed by famous Urdu poet Hafeez Jallundari in these words:
Ishq to badnam hal he
Shouq-a-nizara kar Iiya
Husaan beqrar he
Khud nami ka Iiya
This excess : Khud Namai at times leads to some emotional short circuit. In this context tendency of blindly aping the Bollywood temperament needs to be curbed. One may wear any dress but not a provoking one. We need some social discipline in this regard. Sooner we learn to change the better.

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