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The concept of cleanliness is as old as human existence on Earth. It is rightly said by John Wesley, “Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness”. The palace of God is clean where Lord Majority resides but why our heart is polluted which is called temple itself.
Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Argus eyed, he attempted to keep everything in apple-pi-order. He buried the hatchet to bring peace in India. The success of Modi Sarkar is a sudden flash in the pan. He flogged a dead horse to revive our old culture. He shown his tenacity to bring back our ancestral ideals and thoughts. His Govt. provided ample succour to the distressed humanity. His umbrage for tainted goods, myopic thoughts and pernicious living of the people instigated and innovated new laws in the society which are easily to be applied and followed.
Modi’s conception of Swachh Bharat is not confined. Its importance is at wider level. Let us first understand its meaning. Cleanliness means state of being cleanly, the habit of keeping free of superficial imperfections, to clean is to free from whatever is foul, offensive or extraneous, free from dirt or filth, errors and vulgarisms, moral and ceremonial defilement, guilt and clumsiness free from objectionable elements, sinless, pure healthy, unblemished, innocently without stain, not spreading pollution or contamination, fair play or good clean fun, a clean joke, clean occupation etc. Cleanliness simply means in a manner that minimises dirt and pollution fairly clean in conformity with the rules or laws and without fraud or cheating.
India is a big country when we have picked up this topic it will cover all the aspects of developing nation. Cleanliness spreads its fragrance when there is no dirt, filth, pollution and impurity. According to Thomas, “Even from the body’s purity the mind receives a secret sympathetic”.
Let us have a glance on the thoughtful definition of cleanliness by Rumfort, “So great is the effect of cleanliness upon man that it extends even to his moral character. Virtue never dwelt long with filth; nor there ever was a person scrupulously attentive to cleanliness who was consummate villain.
In Manu Samriti the events from Destruction (Pralaya) to Existence (Srishti) has been given. God was chagrined with the blasphemous, debauch mannerism of man. He on His topmost seat kept watching the daily chores of man .His fracas with one after the other, his freak behavior, garish customs, ghastly and gruesome living, kickbacking, inimical thoughts ets. He couldn’t afford more tears to shed silently and when the curse falls on mankind. It was fatal and disastrous. Destruction was seen everywhere. And light peeps again to form new life to be existed on Earth. Today, what our Prime Minister is doing? Taking bull by horns, standing in good stead with the public, leading sparton lfe for mankind. We must be confident about his pyrrhic victory by the year 2020. His fair and square decisions would definitely bring Good Luck and prosperity to the nation.
When we talk of clean India we talk of a nation free from corruption, cloven hoof, draconian laws, black and blue exploitation of people, bad blood or dagger’s drawn enmity, fishing the troubled water, damp squibbing, greasing the palm, wasting national fund in quixotic projects, ruling the roost, loaves and fishes, passing the bucks, seamy side of life, rocking the boat etc to have a palmy days in our life. But how it can be possible to get free from these social evils to have a prosperous living? This can all be possibly removed only through our joint efforts and unitedly fighting with these evils, hating and keeping distance from these evils.
How many of us thinks in terms of peace, honesty and justice. Gone are the days when one behaves and talks cleanly and plainly. People were so simple, their smile was innocent, they laughed from their hearts. Today, we have an artificial smile, we laugh when we have to laugh, so how much we have trained ourselves to pose in the society.
Our Prime Minister started a campaign to clean India, to clean all the educational, social economic, political cultural and health deptts. People enthusiastically followed the campaign. He on 2nd October itself influenced people to admire the policy of Mahatma Gandhi in cleaning India. By carrying his holy message, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi enlightened millions of people, we all must have seen his followers on Twitter and face book, watching about his glorious deeds on T.V. chennels.
Mera Bharat Aage Barr Raha Hai, Mera Desh Taraquai Kar Raha Hai ; Rightly we find these words to be true in the coming years by keeping the concept of cleanliness in our mind and maintaining it and the day is not far when we feel like Paradise on Earth. What tempted Britishers to stay here? The beauty of our old traditions and culture. Did we keep maintaining it? Today we see muddy lanes and filthy drains with foul smell in far flung areas. We don’t made an effort to clean it or to inform the Municipal Corporation or to make people aware about cleanliness. We have just pointing remarks towards our nation. What is lying here in our country?. Foreign countries are so clean, their natives don’t spit here and there as just we do here. Wao! Its nice to settle abroad. What our nation has given us. Such shoal remarks of certain people in our country in a big hindrance in the development of our nation. Let us think for a while. Let us all introspect and make an analysis who is responsible for the miserable and wretched condition of poor people in our country? Why we have forgotten about the reformation brought by our great social reformers in cleaning the life of poor people? What Raja Ram Mohan Roy did for the people. Amazingly praiseworthy! Mahatma Gandhi even went to the extent in calling the untouchables Harijan’s so that none could discriminate with them. Vivekananda spread the light of knowledge where the darkness of ignorance was seen. Unless and until we don’t change the course of thoughts towards patriotism and the cleanliness we are lying backwards, we are staying under the darkness of a deep gorge which will take years to fill up its emptiness.
Let us all take pledge to remove all the malice from inside and take the campaign of leading nation on the green land which should not be known as Mrityuelok. It should be same as paradise where immortality resides. Let us all welcome greenery everywhere where cuckoos sing and peacocks dance. Let us all welcome God to reside in all the hearts where hatred couldn’t stay and love always plays. Let us all welcome Goddess Ganga flowing from the Holy Knot of Lord Shiva to stay pure and clean, so that all could feel her thunderous wave and keep themselves pure and clean.
Playing a fair game in politics is an advantageous act on the part of the politicians who are playing dirty game of politics. Fair justice should be done in all the fields so that none could be deprived of his fundamental rights. Each women should feel secure in our nation so that no scar, no blemish could be found. Is anybody found in our country who does not want pollution free environment to stay healthy and live long life? But today in this machine age it has become a dream only. But this dream can be cherished only through Yogic practices and welcoming nature in our lives. Yoga pures our heart and soul, body, mind and spirit, breathing in contact with the nature removes all dirt and pollution. Then why we are deprived of the benefits of nature? Why man is remaining ignorant who is indulging in sinful act of polluting rivers ponds, wells and lakes? Who is going to tell him the tales of virtuous ruler Vikramaditya who led his each moment with pure dignity of labour and honest regard for national resources. Its really pity to think about the filthy acts of man in regard with the socio-economic conditions of the society. Is man born free to do everything? No man! No! keep yourself under discipline and learn code of conduct to live fairly cooperative, keeping surrounding clean and hygienic. Then only we are called real educated and culturally developed natives of society and Nation.

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