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Surgical strikes constitutional inspiration not RSS

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 Dr. Kuldeep Singh

Since surgical strikes, a month is almost over but the politics behind is not ending. Yes, I being Indian agree what DGMO and PM Modi have said that surgical strikes have taken place. It should have been projected the achievement of the army and must have been dedicated to soldiers who till day have lost lives in defending J and K State.
OK these strikes happened during the PM Modi era and he deserves full appreciations. Message automatically has percolated down to the earth. We have seen the local street vendors dancing and distributing sweets after the successful surgical strikes. Employees even in the government offices held discussions showering all praise on PM Modi’s action.
The way media projected the views of politicians including ruling panelists in panel discussions are very disturbing. It looks that they are immature and required constitutional training, but there seems to be no such provisions. They are well versed with divisive politics alone dividing people to micro levels.
As the result they have much politicised the surgical strikes and importance of army’s action seems to have been lowered down. The various statements for public consumption in media included as- these strikes will be projected in the public as achievements during forthcoming elections; after 1971 only such strikes have been carried out; previous government failed to act decisively; all international borders are now safe; and latest statement on intervening night of 28th and 29th September quotes that surgical strikes are because of the inspiration from RSS.
RSS is a political party and its role since establishment and during independence is well quoted in history that requires no mentioning. India is one of the powerful countries in the world fully capable of defending borders and beyond. Our army is defending borders since its creation. Operation of army any where is not political party’s inspiration but joint decision by ruling party along with heads of various army wings. Such decisions are always constitutionally backed for defending the borders.All that army has done rightly during the recent surgical strikes which are now being unnecessarily a matter of prolonged discussions on TV channels.
Further, it is worthwhile to mention that, Indian Jawans have made entry across LoC inside 500 meters to 2 km which have been declared the surgical strikes. Learn from America, the way it has carried surgical strikes against terrorists to the interiors of country supporting them. An example is that of killing of Osama bin Laden at Abbotabad near Pak Army camp from a distant place.
Pak supported terrorist training camps are deep inside near army camps. Still we have to go a long way to contain terrorists.
I am also Indian. Let I also suppose, yes, surgical strikes took place across LoC. Terrorist launch pads destroyed inside POJK. After Uri attack, four more such incidences have taken place against armed forces.
Terrorists locally trained or from across LoC now have merged with local populace. Day in and day out armed attacks are taking place. Why not combing operation is carried out identifying the terrorists and confiscating their weapons?
Presently every body is marked with identity by Aadhar Card, identity card, bank book, ration card, cooking gas card etc. The outsiders without identity can be isolated. Only after the strike, the terrorists come to fore. Local police stations have also the records of the criminals. Moreover, the persons extending strike calls are identified. By this time stringent action should have taken place.
India is dying hard to get banned the Pak based terrorists. Their kith and kin, the separatists are the residents of Srinagar and even some of them are said to be serving in government offices. What is the stand of law enforcing machinery? In normal case if criminal is out of reach, the family members are taken into custody. These are my simple observations that I am simply narrating being an immature in regard to knowledge on law and order issues.
Let us fully support that surgical strikes have taken place. It is matter of pride and credit goes to army. It is not a poll issue. Hope that Indian politics may mature.

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