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Successful completion of DDC elections

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No doubt it was a great litmus test for the government to conduct fair and peaceful election in J&K UT. After the abrogation of Article 370 and 35a ,it was a major democratic excercise in this region. But the great percentage of voting in these elections indicates that people have firm faith in democracy and constitutional bodies. In almost every phase of DDC election there was a great voting turn out. No major incidence of violence has been reported in these elections in any phase. It was a splendid achievement of election commission. There was a great challenge from many antinational elements to conduct these DDC election in a fair and free atmosphere. No doubt it was a fight between ballot and bullet. But at the last with the sagacity and maturity of voters, ballot got the success in this tug of war. Besides other obstacles, there was a challenge of cold climate in these election. We know in winter season the climate of our region is not conducive to conduct such kind of public participation events. Moreover the challenge of COVID 19 pandemic was also there. In this pandemic like situation it was very difficult to organise such kind of public participation activity. However the arrangements from election commission were very adequate and proper. There was provision of PPE kits, masks, santization excercise and other necessary safety measures for all the deputed staffs in these elections. The main motive of government behind these DDC election is to strengthen grass root level of democracy and to give benefit of Panchyat Raj System to the common masses. Earlier people of J&K was aloof from this benefit of Panchyat Raj System due to various constitutional hurdles and legal obligations. Now with the amendment in Panchyat Raj Act 1989 all the districts of our union territory will get the benefits of this system. Every districts of J&K UT now will get the 14 territorial constituencies. Every territorial constituency will get one DDC candidate after the final counting of votes on 22nd December. Hopefully all the new DDC candidates now look towards the welfare of general masses without any biased attitude and discrimination. Only then we can win the faith of people who had casted the votes in these election in great numbers. In order to restore the faith of people in democracy it is mandatory that all the elected members of these councils should work in collaboration and give benefit to downtrodden and neglected section of society. In order to give the benefit of Panchyat Raj System at grass root level there would be dire necessity of committed and dedicated public representatives. Now the decision of people are already packed in ballot boxes and after counting only those could get success who are genuine as per people’s perspective. Now after the completion of these DDC election, all the three tier i.e., Panchyat, Block development councils (BDCs) and District development councils (DDC) will work for the benefit of people. By these elections of DDC a new layer of administration will work at block and halqua level. This will reduce the burden of bureaucracy in our UT. People of J&K are already suffering from many other basic problems and issues like cross border terrorism, ceasefire violation, political hollowness etc .people are looking towards these elections with a great hope and opportunity. By implementing all the tiers of Panchyat Raj system in J&K we can give a healing touch to the victims of terrorism. Earlier the people of three regions of J&K had shown their resentment towards various discriminatory policies of ruling government. Now with this new design of democracy at grass root level people can put their demands and issues in a more comfortable way. Earlier, there was resentment in public that their elected representatives not available for their local and minor issues. Now this problem will be sort out by this new structure of democracy. The maximum participation of people in all the phases of DDC clearly indicates faith, hope and aspirations of public. All the stakeholders including election commission, security agencies and polling staffs deserve applaud for the successful and peaceful completion of this election. On the other hand, we can’t ignore attitude, disposition and behaviour of general public towards these elections. By and large we can say that this is the unique, most successful and maiden election after abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir. Even earlier many regional political parties had boycotted this election. But later they entered this democratic event by seeing the enthusiasm and zeal of public. This beginning of new era in Jammu and Kashmir can change the fate of people. Participation of youth in this democratic process indicates that now they have become fed up with the culture of bullet. Now the entire Jammu & Kashmir is going through a transitional phase, it is the apt time to restore the faith of people towards democracy and development processes. Now with these DDC election a new generation is ready to give their valuable contribution for welfare of the region. There is a popular saying that all is well that ends well. And the success of these elections will definitely open a new window of faith, trust and conviction in the minds of people. The whole credit of this success goes to the various security agencies and election commission. Due to tireless and meticulous efforts of all, this wasmode possible. What is in pandora box, it will be decided after the counting of votes, but people of Jammu and Kashmir are waiting for the day when their dreams and aspirations would be fulfilled.
Shyam Sudan

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