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STONES—hurled on Rahul communal, pelted on security forces democratic

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The loyalty of Congressmen towards Gandhi family is enviable. This became more than pronounced when Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s cavalcade came under stone attack in Gujarat. The Congressmen did not only felt the pain and agony of stone pelting but ‘weighed’ even the stone that hit the car of Rahul Gandhi. It was 1. 5 kilogram, if former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad is to be believed. He said the concrete boulder weighing 1.5 kg was aimed at Gandhi who was seated on the front seat with his window pane lowered and had it hit him on the head it could have proved fatal.
Azad has fairly good knowledge of stones, as these are regularly and fondly being hurled upon the Indian security forces in the Valley of his State to seek secession of Kashmir from Indian domain. Unlike in Gujarat, where the stone-pelting on Gandhi is seen as ‘a pre-planned conspiracy’ and ‘murderous attack’ by the ‘BJP and RSS workers’, hurling of stones on the army and security forces in Kashmir is being justified by leaders of the same Congress. Azad’s party colleague and once Pradesh President, Saif-ud-Din Soz said just a month back that “the youths of the Valley cannot be dubbed as stone pelters, as they have a reason to revolt”. He goes a step further by seeking engagement on a table with the Messiahs of stone pelting, Hurriyat Conference and the stone-pelters as stake-holders.
Rahul Gandhi is deeply anguished over stone-pelting though he escaped unhurt. But he was never hurt when the security forces of the country were or are being subjected to heavy stone pelting almost every day in Kashmir.
Why stones are communal when pelted against sickularists outside Jammu and Kashmir and democratic in the trouble-torn Valley when hurled upon the security forces, who are out there to protect the people and the integrity of the nation from marauders, sponsored and unleashed by Jihadi rogue nation of Pakistan? The so-called secularists have never taken a national stand against the perpetrators and executors of armed and violent struggle vis a vis the nation. They have almost endorsed violence as a medium for achieving political objectives in the name of ‘freedom of expression’. While the stone-pelters of Gujarat are dubbed as the inheritors of Gowdsewaad, those in Kashmir are projected as victims, misguided and innocent. This hypocrisy of the Congress and the like-minded secular brigade has taken toll of this nation, which is why voices against national integrity and sovereignty are getting louder, not only in Kashmir but outside as well.
While Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at the BJP for not having condemned the act of stone pelting on his cavalcade, he forgot his gruesome act of patting the backs of ‘Azadi brigade’ in JNU last year, who were chanting slogans in praise of Burhan Wani, the terror monsters, whose death sparked four-month spell of stone pelting in Kashmir.
If stone pelting in Gujarat is wrong-which certainly is-why are the Congress and other secular parties and civil society activists demonising Indian forces for tackling Intifada in Kashmir? They have all the sympathies for paid stone-pelters who keep storming police stations and other defence installations unabated; who obstruct the armed forces during anti-terror operations; who take centre stage on squares and roads of Kashmir to trample Indian Flag, who keep raising slogans for breaking India in bits and pieces; who challenge Indian unity and sovereignty as a matter of right under freedom of speech. In Gujarat, delay in arresting the stone-pelters makes police ‘puppet’ but in Kashmir, action against anti-national stone pelters makes the security forces as oppressors and human rights’ violators.
Those seeking stern action against stone pelters, who attacked Rahul Gandhi, expect the police or the security forces in Kashmir to watch themselves getting lynched helplessly on the face fierce attacks by thousands. This hypocrisy and double speak has to end, lest the nationalist forces will be right in their assertion to have India free of so-called secularists. By espousing cause of traitors, the so-called secularists are actually incentivising their ‘misguided youth’ in Kashmir to be part of Intifada and wage war against Indian state. Such of the aggressors deserve no leniency, be they in Kashmir or elsewhere in the country.
The marginalised Congress, leftists and Jihadi supporters must learn to call a spade a spade, lest their identity will get hidden in the archives of history.

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