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S.K Khushu

A deep insight into the subject at hand becomes imperative in the back drop of ever-increasing cases of intolerance, feeling of insecurity—— both social & economic—, emotional instability, taxing professional obligations, job insecurity, mounting domestic responsibilities, ambrosia /dementia, depression, lack of self-belief; the imposing pressure groups also make one’s life exceedingly difficult &,therefore, more complex. So, life in this world of cut-throat competition is highly stressful.
Still worse, regressive tendencies, marked by negativity and behavioural problems are in evidence among the teens & small children in the age group 9- 11 years even; In more serious cases that have been drawing our attention, over the past few years ,include young children, adolescents & grown up young people, with serious criminal tendencies. Unfortunately, we are witness to frequent incidents of suicides, murders, serial killings, violence against parents, opposite sex, senior citizens, honour killings, burglaries etc. There is social as well is moral bankruptcy. There can be several reasons for such a sorry state of affairs, principal among them being exposure &easy access to Social media, most of the children are addicted to devices like smart phone, TV etc. The access to apps showing horror games and films that induce the innocent users to commit suicides or engage them in acts of daredevilry finally ending up in suicides.
The other possible reasons include poor grooming, domestic violence, child abuse, negligence of parents, abject poverty, frequent snubbing by parents —–super parents , emotional insecurity and the like. Whatever the reasons, the regressive and unhealthy trends, leading to the formation of split personality are endangering the lives of present generation and ultimately, human race.
The situation calls for immediate attention for its redemption. Educationists, Clinical psychologists, thinkers, philosophers ,neurologists ,sages ,seers, Very good Counsellors, behaviourists ,parents ,motivational speakers & above all ,religious gurus & yoga experts all must together come up with a master /fool proof solution to the problems our young men &u budding children are beset with. Time is running out & we need to act fast .
Theorism alone does not help. Idealism without pragmatism is not productive .Speaking extempore for hours at a stretch or writing volumes on a sensitive issue hardly bears fruit. Realistic approach is the best one & that demands examining the factors rationally and purposefully that lead to such heart-rending , demoralising and paralysing bad mental condition.
The next step would be to decide upon the corrective course or treatment commensurate with the nature and status of poor mental condition and other related problems like disagreeable behaviour etc.
That leads me to believe that there are short term and long term solutions. In each case, the underlying principle objective is effective stress management. We must not overlook the fact that it is only the strong and virile who survive the upheaval. Such gifted persons are mentally strong, physically fit, socially well-adjusted, intellectually advanced ,emotionally stable.
They have the capacity to successfully handle tough situations and take on challenges headlong, manage their stress level to minimum. Who else fall prey to stress and thereafter, to depression & why?.
They are those unfortunate individuals who do not have the in-built mechanism to manage their stress levels. The in-built mechanism that I am talking about includes indomitable will to succeed, resilience, commitment, discipline, awareness, self-belief, realization of potential, positive thinking and, above all, faith in the divinity of the Supreme Being of whom he is an off-shoot(a part) That Supreme God Consciousness is the source of all energy and bliss. He is the embodiment of divine light and bliss and superintends the affairs of this world and shapes the destiny of all His subjects in accordance with one’s Karmas. He is the most merciful and beneficent and if propitiated as per the tenets of spirituality, leading to complete surrender, blessed His devotees with eternal bliss and empowers them to not scale great heights in life but to attain final merger with the absolute.

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