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Soul can attain true pleasures at Amarlok: Madhu Param Hans

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JAMMU: The spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi Panth, Madhu Param Hans Maharaj during his sermons at Satwari Chowk on Sunday, said that the soul can attain true pleasures only after reaching Amarlok.
“Some enjoy the outward pleasures while others enjoy the inner ones. But the real spiritual pleasures are to be found beyond these two. Man enjoys the outward pleasures through his Indriyas. All these pleasures are sure to lead him to hell,” he said.
Sahib Kabir has described the musical notes as a net of Kaal. The truth is far beyond this. Only a Satguru has the power to take his disciple to this state of truth, he mentioned.
Without seeking the support of a Satguru, the soul can in no case hope to attain the total and eternal pleasures, he concluded.

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