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Solar micro irrigation system for farmers unveiled

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Bangalore : Jain Irrigation Limited Wednesday unveiled its integrated solar powered micro irrigation system for small farmers at the World Water Week 2014 being held in Stockholm, Sweden.

“As our solar powered micro irrigation system ensures power and water supply to small farms, it will be a boon to our farmers with small land holdings across the country and their counterparts in Asian and African countries,” Jain Irrigation president Dilip Kulkarni said in a statement released here.

In the absence of sufficient water and power supply, small farmers depend on rain-fed farming for livelihood across the country.

“The innovative model of our irrigation system develops on-farm water sources like ponds in the field to ensure regular water supply for sowing operations,” Kulkarni said.

For instance, during summer, at noon when solar energy generation is at peak, the pumping system functions at higher efficiency and delivers the required quantity of water for crops.

Conversely, in winter or rainy season, when water requirement is less, the solar powered pump operates with lower efficiency, avoiding over irrigation in the field.

The city-based company has installed about 5,000 systems on pilot basis in small farms across states like Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan for growing vegetables, cotton and other cash crops.

“Our system can be adopted on a large-scale in African countries, which also face water and power crisis,” Kulkarni added.

The company has manufacturing facilities in 16 countries across the world.

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