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Social menace

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The Pak-supported terrorist attack on Pathankot airbase last year brought to the light the flourishing trans-border drug smuggling. Today the menace has spread to a dangerous proportion with a large segment of the society young and old falling victim to this malady. Though the Assembly elections are over the issue remained on the focus of political parties and the rallies conducted by them.  The State Congress President Capt Amarinder Singh went a step ahead and claimed that BSF-Rangers nexus is aiding the drug trade. He even reiterated his resolve to finish the drug problem at the earliest in Punjab. The Congress leader said he was bound by his pledge he had taken on Gutka Sahib (booklet of Sikh scriptures) in the ‘Badlaav’ rally in Bathinda in December 2015, to clean the society of the problem within four weeks if the Congress formed the government in Punjab in 2017. In the background of such a nexus the two militants attack cannot be ruled out just an act of militancy but it reflects the growing business of narco-terrorism on the border states of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. These states proximity and porous borders, common language and life style of the people make ideal spots for the trade and security men posted on the borders become pawn in the game to facilitate the smuggling for pecuniary benefits without gauging the growing security threat. Surprisingly, Jammu sharing borders with Punjab is seeing a rise in drug related incidents with daily seizure of narcotics by police. Though the quantity being smuggled in is not high in value and quantity but the frequency of smuggle-in has increased manifold. Drug abuse, a phenomenon widespread among the boys, is now showing a trend whereby teenagers are increasingly turning into substance users and addicts which is a dangerous and alarming emerging trend. Like in Punjab, ‘Chitta’ is no alien in Jammu and youth getting enticed to such substances too is no secret, though police has been conducting time-to-time raids and public interactions to highlight the negative impact it is having on the society.

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