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Social justice has to prevail for progress

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Dear Editor,
A 12 year old daughter sobbing and a helpless husband shouldering the dead body of his wife a 10 km marathon of apathy showcases the pathetic life of social underdogs in a so called civilised society.A farmer is forced to sell onion at 5 paisa per Kg and the reality is that 75 per cent Indians might not have seen a 5 paisa coin.This is the reality of life which always bites.Do we really deserve to celebrate the freedom when there is so much inequality in the society.
Our imagination doesn’t travel beyond our cities or towns ,the reality is that still our own people who represent India are living a very harsh life courtesy to our political set up.The rich are getting richer and the poor are going down day by day.We have the ability to compete with super powers in emery preservation and missile technology but we can’t provide basic amenities to poor who can’t voice their concern.Our achievements seem to be cosmetic and over exaggerated .India will become a super power automatically when every down trodden is able to live a respectable life .Social justice has to prevail if a nation wants to move ahead.
Sanjay Raina

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