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Skill development

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Skill development has been the pivotal point for Prime Minister Narendra Modi for empowerment of the poor and creating a bank of skilled youth which can pull themselves out of poverty and help fuel the engine of growth. Addressing the 16th anniversary celebrations of Chhattisgarh, Modi said poor youth with sufficient opportunities, training, skills and tools can pull themselves and others out of poverty. Linking skill with his ‘Make in India’ initiative, he said people with sufficient skills can help boost the country’s economy. Promoting ecotourism which has potential to provide employment especially to the poor and economically weaker sections like autorickshaw drivers, fruit sellers and ‘Chai Wallahs’, can enhance their earning. Referring to the new crop insurance scheme launched by the Centre, he said there is a need to make agriculture more viable so that even a small piece of land can yield more. He said value addition to the produce of farmers was another way to help enhance their earning. On the issue of Centre-state relations, he said the government believes in cooperative federalism where states compete with each other in implementing new schemes. He also said the Centre will not discriminate among states in providing funds for development. Skill development has always been a job creator even if used in the right direction which unfortunately has not been tapped to its full potential. Rural areas have been deprived off the fruits of development where there is no dearth of such skills but the hurdle is that there is no avenue to pursue the skill and the trained labour has to migrate to the cities in search of livelihood which has remained an imbalanced force in the development of the economy. Had there been skill exploiting facilities the migration of labour from villages to cities would have been checked.

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