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Because we don’t consider the gifts valuable and precious hence waste our angelic life. It takes all sorts to make the world but we don’t recognise the gem. The cow knows not what her tail is worth till she has lost it. Man himself is unaware of his cosmic powers inherited in his mind. He is a bully and bully never grows up. A bully is always coward. The best of man are men at best.
Our Prime Minister Narender Modi made an attempt to accelerate the pace of development in every field by training the bullies. For bullies they fear to start, they must first creep than walk. For a web begun, “God sends the thread”. Every beginning is hard, “If first time you are novice second time adept”. He who makes no mistakes makes nothing. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. And one thing the beginner must learn knowledge without practice makes but half an artist and he then travels far knows much and today, we we see pradhan mantra Koushal Vikas Yojna is doing well skill India, skill development, skill oriented courses, skill training institutes have been launched by Modi Sarkar to say no to idleness. Idle folks have the least leisure. Let us help a lame dog over a stile. In doing we learn and when we join hands together, many hands make light work. It is said, a man of words not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. And a vicious weed in the rosy path of our coming generation can be fatal. Let us take things worth doing it should be worth doing well. Through his policy driven approach Modi waged war against poverty.
He says, “Indian youth is not happy simply asking for things. He wants to live with pride and dignity. I believe Indian youth has immense talent, they just want opportunities and the work is the master key that opens the door to all opportunities.”
Idle folks have the least leisure. But Modi said each poor, underprivileged is soldier in their war. This mission is not limited to skill we have linked entrepreneurship to it. And the demographic dividend India is proud of its guarantee lies with skill trained manpower. His Govt. has declared a war on poverty and is determined to win it. He says “Skill India mission is not merely to fill pockets but to bring a seas of self confidence among the poor.”
Mahatma Gandhi lead the country to the right path. Leader is he who leads his people, who leads the nation. If the blind leads the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. If one sheep leaps over the ditch all the rest will follow. Our country is fortunate as she ever blossomed in the hands of righteous and skillful leader who did something for the nation. M.K Gandhi’s charkha gives us the message that we should sew and weave our own design and have Swadeshi flavor in all our products. But we don’t stop following western culture, Modi said that instead of using and appreciating Chinese lights, let us light our Diyas made by our poor people in order to make our economy strong. Let us appreciate our Indian talent which lies in the beautiful work of art and craft, stitching and handlooming old but gold designing and creativity let us make our Indian economy strong by developing ‘Swadedh Prem’ in eating and walking in Hindustani style and purchasing Indian goods and material. If we don’t get united and don’t love our country we cannot be called developed. Our country’s governance should always be in the hands of wise people who could serve humanity and nation with possible skills which could promote and uplift the standard of living of the people. “If the foolish lad goes to the well against his will, either the can will break or the water will spill”. And there is no dearth of such foolish lads in our country who always cries over spoilt milk but doesn’t take time into their own account to make wise and crafty use of it
Skill India is a force an abundant production of goods and products. Skill never dies in India, it never creeps or sweeps. It always runs and keeps its shed widespread over homeless and distressed people. From word to deed is a great space but our Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke is his speech whatever good and favourite for his people made it true and practical in his efforts.

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