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‘Sister’ War: Parineeti Chopra vs Meera Chopra

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The star war continues, the flamboyant actress Parineeti Chopra seems not to be happy about her cousin Meera Chopra making it big in B town, apparently whenever Parineeti is questioned about Meera she has referred her as distant relative.

Earlier, at the time of Meera’s debut in Bollywood with the film ‘Gangs of Ghosts’ Priyanka Chopra posted GOG first look on twitter saying “My sister’s first Hindi movie, Check it!”, whereas Parineeti stated, “Meera is my far off relative, she is not really a part of family.”

Parineeti went on explaining, “Priyanka and my father are brothers, and Meera’s father is their cousin brother so according to that she is my second cousin and we haven’t talked in long time and are not even in touch.” To which Meera responded, “Parineeti is a younger sister, I am sure she didn’t mean it this way the way it has come across.”

Now again, PC tried to act as a peacemaker and peace out the miff between the two sisters, apparently PC had invited both her sisters Parineeti and Meera for the special screening of her movie ‘Mary Kom’ but according to the buzz Parineeti did not turn up for the screening while Meera made an appearance.

Well we are wondering what is disturbing Parineeti? As we know Paritneeti is known for her bubbly and vibrant nature, we are curious about her maneuver over this?

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