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Shiv Khori Shrine

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 G.L. Khajuria
Situated around 140 kms from Jammu itself to its North-West is situated this Sanctum Sanctorum Cave, some 4 kms ahead of Ransoo village or hamlet is unambiguously a piece of heavenly abode where Syayambhu image of the Lord Shiva has originated naturally over centuries back. The sacred cave is situated in Reasi District of Jammu and there from are twin routes to this Holy Cave; one through Katra Reasi Pouni- Barkh and finally. Ransoo; second through Akhnoor, Sunderbani , Rajouri and thence to Ramsoo. However, the former is preferable in view the short route length and accessibility to the Holy Cave, apart from having Holy Darshan of other Sanctum Sanctorums and prominent sacred places viz Katra, Aghar Bawa Jitoo, fort of vallent General Zorawar Singh, Sula Park, lush green and vibrant forests, Salal Zyotipuram and other accessible sacred- sports of multihued religions.
Shiva Khori as is a prominent Sanctum Sanctorum and is a natural Cave being longest one arounding 100 mts or so and while on way to Holy Cave, one becomes wonder struct to have a pious Darshan /glimpse on the entrance of the Holy Cave with a spacious chamber having wonderful concrete flooring. First you will have to pay obeisance to Sacred Samadhi of a sage who has had arduous penance of Lord Shiva for an unaccountable period and as thus obtained blessings. The entire story, the writer is narrating is evidence by the fact that he himself trained from Jammu -via Katra , Reasi and Ramsoo on bike on 1st July last year, took holy bath in cold sacred Shiva-Ganga and proceeded to Holy Cave, easily and comfortable. Though, the sun had set-in and in the pitch dark all alone reached the Holy Cave where from to go into the interiors of Cave was strictly prohibited, yet with a request to the in charge Cave (Police Officer by name Yash Paul along with his associates ) the natural images that have had originated naturally in the diamond type hard rocks are well within the very spacious front of the Cave though not narratable for fear of magmanimous divine Shiva Shakti of the Supreme Lord.
Shiva Khori Cave is within a hillock having a broader spacious outside chamber, now up graded and can comfortably accommodate 20-30 devotees, where all naturally originated Gods and Goddesses though astonishingly kaleidoscopic manifestation as narrated above.The top of the hillock is laden with lushgreen vibrant forests associated with local flora and fauna, hovering overhead azure sky with embracing waiting clouds. The spiritual and spacious front of the Cave is having its own divinely attraction which the Supreme Beholder … Lord Shiva well knows.
Shiva Khori is a miraculous cave and the name symbolises Shiva and Khori- Shiva for the Lord Shiva and Khori commutates Cave. From first spacious chamber of the Cave has a narrow, steep and moderately deep passage which becomes cumbersome to get through but miraculous are the ways of Supreme Shiva that even fattiest of fattiest true devotee get through this 100 mts (350 ft) rockey Cave quite comfortably.
Ransoo is a beautiful hamlet with conglomeration of people of all religion and they are so hospitable and compassionate that there are no words for their praises. They live in love, compassion, harmony, sharing each other’s joys and sorrows. Pious stream, locally spoken as Shiv Ganga flows alongside hamlet with lively milieu with lushgreen, vibrant and salubrious forests associated with local flora and fauna which enchants every human and glimpsing overhead there is azure sky with wafting clouds kissing the natural phenomena and without furher exaggeration it is concluded that impelled by passion, the clouds pour down, they rain everywhere, and by this rain creatures gain their sustenance, Srimad Bhagavatam.

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