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Shimmering image of BJP is just silhouette

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Mahadeep Singh Jamwal

The 2014 Parliamentary elections were historic for the BJP in India. The said elections will be remembered by the history for two reasons, one for the absolute majority to the party for the first time and second for record election rallies by the probable PM candidate in a single day spreading over to, too many states in the flying machines provided by Adani and Ambani groups, as propagated by many political parties. But for the most reason the party will be remembered for convincing slogans by none else than Prime Ministerial candidate himself, which now stand fully deflated and some are on the brink of being exposed. Thus one can well comment that the people fell to the luscious commitments of a charismatic person, who is possessed by a miraculous convincing power, which take the consciousness of even intelligent minds to deep slumber and creates a situation termed as ‘coma’. The crores from the treasury are although squeezing out for these projects but appear to be siphoned off, when we find zero results on ground. Very tall claims of the party for a drastic sea change and fabulous slogans have proved to be just hollow so far. I remember the words of PM during election rallies that he will change the scenario of the India within five years but I was surprised to hear from the same person in his first address in a victory rally even before taking oath that, he at least requires ten years to do good for India, and it made me to understand the phrase that ‘all that glitters is not gold’. The immediate state Assembly elections after the formation of new government at the Center also somehow twisted in favour of BJP including our State of Jammu and Kashmir, but by the time real test during elections in Delhi and Bihar was to take place, the people has understood the real motive of this saffron branded party and BJP got a crushing defeat, in spite of announcing big financial packages as a woo measure to enthrall the voters and using very filthy language ranging from tall to petty leaders, against their contesting opponents. The Delhi defeat is still ‘hang over’ for this party and as Delhites feel they are creating big troubles for the Delhi Government, where as common man is feeling solace after coming out from the clutches of both BJP and Congress in Delhi. If we peep with deep sense of understanding, the present NDA Government believes in announcing very lucrative schemes such as ‘Bringing black money back within 90 days’, ‘ 15-15 lakh in individuals account’, ‘Sab ka sath sab ka vikas’, ‘Na khaunga na khane dunga’, ’56” ka seena’, ‘Ek key badle dus’ ‘Minimum government maximum governance’, ‘Not tolerating-Baap beti aur baap bêtey ki sarkar’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Beti padao-beti Bacho’, ‘Jan Dhan Yojna’, ‘Namami Ganga Yojna’, ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Insurance Schemes’, and many more, to woo the common man, which are very spicy and tasty in appearance but flop on the ground. Many of the statements of PM on the foreign ground that it feels ashamed of being born on the Indian soil are a shameful one. The remarks of the President of USA about intolerant India and in a letter of US senators to PM of India signed by 34 of them including Roy Blunt, Amy Klobucher, James Lankford, Al Franklin, Tim Scot, and others and addressed to PM of India top US lawmakers have expressed ‘grave concerns’ over ‘increasing intolerance and violence’ against members of minority communities in India which cannot be taken in a lighter vain. How one can forget the statement of PM of Nepal on India that it should restrain itself from meddling in the internal affairs of his country. This was a statement issued just after few days of the big help of India to Nepal during big tremors in Nepal, when PM landed there with thousands of quintals of Sandal-wood offered in ‘Pashupati Nath Temple’ and a big help in kind and manpower. This reminded me of the Hindi phrase that goes like it ‘Maan Na Maan, Mein Tera Mehmaan’. The un-scheduled visit of PM to Pakistan, while returning from Afghanistan, just to enjoy a cup of tea and to offer his blessings on the marriage of Pakistan PM relative and to obtain the blessings of the Nawaj Sharief’s mother, a flickering decision, was widely condemned in the country and termed it as a good will gesture by Indian Government was responded by host country in the shape of attack on air base of Pathankot claiming number of precious lives. At that very relevant time two photographs concerning our PM, one about the touching of the feet of Pakistan PM’s mother and other one of PM’s mother travelling in a hired rickshaw being shared with someone others, were tagged in FB, reminded me of the phrase ‘Ghar ka Jogi Jogda Bahir ka Jogi Sidh’. We fail to understand what message our leaders want to convey to the common man living below the poverty line, when they enjoy their foreign tours on hard earned money paid as tax to government for development and seen beating drums and other musical instruments of other country, remotely having concern with the Indian culture. The continuous trips to foreign countries with jumbo gathering, as to develop friendly relations and to ensure foreign investment have not brought any results for the benefit of common man except sharp criticism about projecting itself as only farsighted leader of the India and our Foreign Affairs Minister at home is solving ‘Saas Bahu Ke Jhagde’ only. The recent role of BJP government in Uttrakhand clearly speaks of its intentions to usurp the power in other states, come but may, even riding over the Constitution of the country. Thanks for a slap on its face by the Apex Court of the country compelling them to hide their faces in one another’s sleeves. The fact one has to admit is that every politician irrespective of any political party is the exploiter of the voters in one way or the other that may be present government or the previous one.
(To be continued)

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