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Sharad Mahotsava begins at Panjvaktra Mahadev Mandir

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JAMMU: Three Day “Sharad Mahotsav” commenced with religious fervour and enthusiasm at ancient and historic Panjvaktra Mahadev Mandir, here on Friday.
Suresh Sharma, Receiver, inaugurated the festival and apprised that the main objective of organising this festival is to channelize the youth energy towards constructive purposes and provide a suitable platform to the budding and talented artists to display their creative pursuits.
At the same time, he said, it is an endeavour to preserve and promote the Indian Classical Music which is an integral part of our rich cultural heritage.
He further elaborated that many more such festivals or on the cards in near future, at the Panjvaktra Mandir.
The participants in today’s contest included Simran Sharma, Dheeraj Kumar, Ritisha Manhas, Poojan Kumar, Netra Tickkoo, Rahul Mangotra, Nirmal Kumar and Arpana Kumar.
The budding artists presented Shiv Bhajans, Ram Bhajans and the message from Ram Charit Manas.
The youth contest was followed by Bhajan Sandhya by senior acclaimed artists.
It was commenced by acclaimed artist Radha Rani from Rishikesh. She regaled devotees with bhajans of Tulsidas, Meera etc. Dr Roshi Shamnotra, Professor in Institute of Music and Fine Arts finally mesmerised audience by rendering Bhajans of Meera, Raidas and others. They were accompanied by Guru Parshotam Kumar, Rakesh Anand, Amarjeet Singh and Vinay Kumar.
Tomorrow, on 4th November, Dharmesh Nargotra and his disciples shall regale the devotees with their offering of Bhajans, at 5:30PM.
The appeal is being made to general public to participate in the Mahotsav, in large number to receive the blessings of Panjvaktra Mahadev.

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