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What is shame for Indian nation? People to judge

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Dr. Kuldeep Singh

State Times dated June 20, 2016 carried front page news titled ‘Kashmiri Pandits exodus: Shame for Indian Nation’.
We have objections on this titled news. Only Kashmiri Pandits have not faced exodus following militancy. People from other communities have equally suffered out of militancy. They also have migrated in large number, but they have not got registered like Kashmiri Pandits for the reasons best known. Alone migration of Kashmiri Pandits is much projected to derive political mileage in terms of Hindu V/s Muslims, that what we assume.
Despite militancy, it is also a fact that every body has not deserted Kashmir. Even Kashmiri Pandits in large number are still staying along with other community members and they all together have braved militancy.
Moreover, Government of India since the days of migration is doing the best and presently the PM Modi government also. Over the last twenty six years of migration, the original migrated families have raised next generations and they all are getting benefits. Under such circumstances, how this matter of KP’s alone migration is shame for India?
The matter of shame for the country is the rising cases of crimes against women. A national daily carried news titled ‘rape survivor ends life over delay in action’.
It is the case of a minor girl who was gang raped by three youth at her residence in a village of Rohtak District on 20th June. The 17 years old, a student of XI class was reportedly depressed over delay in police action against the culprits.
Hardly there is a day when reports do not hit the headlines in the media reporting crimes against women. The heinous crime is the rape. This crime has assumed the epidemic in the country.
Almost everyday, rape news is pouring in media wherein the victims range from minors to foreign tourists. Age of minors range from few months baby onward.
Even Swamis, Sadhus, saints, Gurus who consider them as religious preachers are now trapped before the law of this land. According to reports in media, they committed crimes with their disciples.
On 16th December, 2012 Delhi gang rape of 22 years Damini in a moving bus still keeps us haunting all the time. Despite the record protests and anger across the country, nothing seems to have changed. This fact is evident from number of rape and murder cases reported in the media.
A five year girl Masoom was raped in 2013, where the rapist inserted the bottle and candles in the private parts of the minor. Recent two cases of gang rapes in Kerala reminded us the Nirbhayas incidence of 2012. In one case, a nurse was gang raped inside the auto-rickshaw near state capital Trivanthpuram and in second case a law student Jeesha who was found in a pool of blood in her home and intestines hanging out of a brutally mutilated body.
The new laws after Nirbhaya’s accident, the punishment included is the death penalty for repeated offenders and victims reduced to vegetative phase. Despite these facts, the rape crimes has not reduced from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
A nine-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by a neighbour, who lured her with toffees to a secluded place close to railway tracks near their locality in southeast Delhi’s Sarita Vihar area.
On Monday 6th June, 2016, a 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a teenager living at the same neighbourhood in central Delhi’s Anand Parbat area, police said.
There is no end about such news in our environment. Following Nirbhayas rape and murder, large scale protests were seen throughout the country. It was understood that crime against girls shall end, but it has not happened yet.
The crime rate against girls during former UPA government and present NDA government is the same, we do not find any decline. Protests were there then perhaps the government was headed by PM Manmohan, a teacher by profession. Now, crime rate against girls remain the same but hidden under the media campaigns of Vikas-Hi-Vikas; Charo Aur-vikas; India Vikas-Ki-Aur.
Rape cases lowers the image of a country. It is quite disgraceful for the victims. Such victims are as good as dead. They do not enjoy their life but count the days to embrace death.
Now, readers you judge yourselves, what is shame for India, is it exodus of one community unnecessarily being hyped when government is having all sympathies or the crimes against women folk, you are the best judge.

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