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Settle amicably

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Dear Editor,
This refers to your editorial “Temple dispute” (ST- March 24). Construction of Sri Ram Temple, construction of mosque in the same land side by side is honorable solution which both community should understand agree and work. It is more than 20 years Babri incident happened. Despite the ASI’s findings that an ancient RAM temple existed before it’s destruction by Babur and a mosque built on top of it, there has been no decision by the Courts to re-build the Temple. In 2010, the Supreme Court had put a freeze on a judgment by the Allahabad High Court. The matter has been pending since. The judgment by the High Court said Lord Ram was born under the central dome of the makeshift temple in Ayodhya and Hindus have the right to worship there. This sort of litigation only creates more divisions between Hindus and Muslims. History shows that Hindu shrines were demolished by Muslim rulers in their bid to force conversion. Given how important Rama worship is in north India – especially UP, the destruction of the most important Ram Temple to build Babri mosque, will remain as a big blot on Hindu-Muslim relations. The Supreme Court has rightly described the Ram Mandir – Ayodhya as a “sensitive” and “sentimental” issue and suggested that it would be best if the contentious issue is settled amicably. Numerous attempts for a negotiated settlement had failed and a judicial intervention was required. Building a temple at Ram Janmabhoomi will make the pseudo-secularists redundant and will be according to the Hindu wave that is sweeping the country. Now, when BJP has won the UP elections and time is right for the Centre to enact a law to legalize the temple construction and remove all hurdles.
Vinod C. Dixit

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