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Sedentary lifestyle causing health hazard: Dr Talwar

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JAMMU: Chairman, Deptt of Cardiology at Max Healthcare Institute Ltd., New Delhi, Dr K.K Talwar who would be available for consultation in Jammu on November 30 at KC Mediplex, BC Road, said
fast food and change in lifestyle were prime reason behind rise in heart disease in India.
Talking about fast food and lifestyle disorders, Dr Talwar said that Indian culture and lifestyle, a hygienic and balanced diet was key to a healthy body.
“Fast food or junk food could be easily and quickly prepared and have addictive taste due to which they were extremely popular. A recent study on rats in Australia has shown that when fed on food high in sugar and fat, as in junk food, for several days, the rats become addicted and depicted restless behavior when deprived of these components,” he said.
Also, the sweets, commonly consumed previously only on festivals or special occasions, have today become a common ingredient of everyday diets. Attractively displayed in big, branded “mithai ki dukans”, these sweets appeared irresistibly tempting. The high content of sugar and salt would make them unhealthy food choices if consumed in excess they could contribute in a big way to deteriorating health today, pointed out Dr Talwar.
The fast and hectic lifestyle of people in the cities also played a crucial role in maintaining and sustaining the unhealthy eating habits. The constant drift of the rural population towards the urban areas was causing an imbalance, leading to increased burden and lack of basic amenities such as fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy food options for the lower and middle classes. People belonging to the lowest socio-economic strata could not afford to consume healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruits which make these populations extremely vulnerable to lifestyle disorders, Dr. Talwar said.

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