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Secular Jammu’s ‘statehood’ demand in shelves as Kashmir fights for ‘Azadi’, Ladakh for UT

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 Special Correspondent
JAMMU: Decades have passed but so called struggle of Kashmiris for ‘Azadi’ is still on track while Ladakh is united on the demand of ‘Union Territory’ status irrespective of caste, colour and creed but where is Jammu’s demand of ‘separate statehood’.
People of Kashmir claim that they are battling for freedom and to add fuel to the fire, Kashmiris led by a bunch of fundamentalists, keep pushing the issue on international fora but unfortunately, Jammu-the land of warriors-instead of standing united and triggering fight for ‘separate statehood’, criticise Kashmiri ideology, which is hardly going to see any change over a period of time.
Moreover, Ladakhis, have also set an example of unity and integrity across the country and irrespective of religion, caste or colour, they are determined for UT status since decades despite being the nationalist force in the state.
“People of Kashmir are not going to withdraw their ‘Azadi’ demand and in the years to come, it will further aggravate with spoiling of young minds, who will be used to intensify struggle following the footsteps of secessionists misguiding them in the Valley,” political expert said.
They said that Jammu and its people being a nationalist force have to realise that ‘separate statehood’ demand raised by voices concerned will not only suppress calm Kashmir and Ladakh regions demand but can protect the state from tri-furcation.
“If Jammu is not separated, it will soon convert into Kashmir and then the situation in the state will be beyond imagination,” Prof Hari Om, political analyst and convener, Jammu for India said.
He said that it is time for Jammu, its leadership, people irrespective of caste, colour and creed to unite for welfare and future of Jammu.
Former minister and chairman J&K National Panthers Party Harsh Dev Singh said, “Jammu people are nationalist forces but Statehood is the only solution for Jammu to get its identity and acknowledged.”
Singh said that focuss was always laid on Kashmir either it is Government of India or Government’s ruled Jammu and Kashmir and they had soft corner only for Kashmir. “Statehood demand should be intensified and once it will happen, it may also help to resolve Kashmir issue up to some extent,” said Singh.
Former MLA Ashwani Sharma, who entered into BJP’s fold in 2014, said, “There are only bunch of fundamentalists who want ‘Azadi’ and they are exploiting people of Kashmir for petty interests.” “Kashmiris have realised that either its development, education, employment or other facilities, not possible without going with India.”
Meanwhile another political expert said, “By silence of Jammu, one should not take them for granted or leave unattended.”
Jammu is like ‘volcano’, staying silent but depends for how long.

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