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Secessionists want Kashmir horror to continue

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dost khan

Secessionists like Geelani don’t want normalcy in Kashmir; it means death knell to their enterprise.
Jammu: In quick succession two significant developments took place in Kashmir in recent days. One, the army regretted killing of two youngsters in Chattergham area of Budgam District after they reportedly jumped the Nakas; second, and most important, the Summary General Court Martial sentenced to life imprisonment five army men, including a Colonel and a Captain for gunning down three youths and labelling them as militants. Hardcore hawk Syed Ali Geelani jumped his guns and abused the moment of triumph of the families who got justice after four long years by dismissing the judgment as an ‘election stunt’. Saying the Government of India wants to appease the voters, Geelani admits that the common man in Kashmir is happy over this development which the Chief Minister has rightly termed as a ‘watershed moment’.
Why has the judgment annoyed Geelani and his ilk in the Valley? The answer lies in simple five words; they want Kashmir to bleed. Semblance of normalcy and punishment to guilty-security forces or Pakistani terrorists-means death knell for the enterprise Islamabad has set up in Kashmir two and a half decades ago with full assistance of paid ISI agents, who ironically have got a sort of respectability and acceptability by the policy of appeasement held out by successive meek governments in New Delhi and in Srinagar.
Geelani should have been happy over the judgment and shared this moment with the families of three young men who got killed. He was the first secessionist who had called for Kashmir Bandh and addressed a gathering in Magarmal Bagh Srinagar during an hour-long sit-in demonstration on 18th June 2010. But he does not want that. He had a vested interest at that point of time to put the Valley on boil and he has vested interest again today to undermine the judgment, as welcoming it would upset his apple-cart.
The secessionists like Geelani don’t want Kashmir to return back to normalcy, as this will mean his push back from palatial Hyderpora Bungalow in Srinagar to the shanty village of Sopore. This will also snatch the moments of glory from him which he gets while paying floral tributes at numerous ‘martyrs’ grave-yards of the Valley rehabilitated by poor Kashmiri youth. The children of people like Geelani don’t find the so-called Jihad attractive so they while away their time outside to pursue career building opportunities. It has become a ritual for secessionists to remember the sole bread earners of the old parents who were indoctrinated and used as fodder of Pakistani cannons.
Syed Geelani is so much possessive of terror that slight hope of defeating it makes him nervous. He leaves no opportunity to incite the people of Kashmir. He did it soon after the fake Machil encounter by asking people not to participated in Panchayat elections. They snubbed him by ensuring overwhelming participation which was globally acknowledged. Similarly, he smells yet another opportunity in the verdict pronounced against the unfortunate killings to arouse passions ahead of the Assembly elections. This is discernible in his reaction to the judgment when he says, “Justice with Kashmiris will be when India gives right to self determination to Kashmiris and end its occupation of Jammu and Kashmir”. Therefore, his mission is to keep Kashmir bleeding for a long time, no matter whether it hampers the education of poor or retards the economic growth. He wants more and more youngsters to tread the path of self-destruction so that his commitment to Pakistan is fulfilled. The people like Geelani are synonymous to destruction, who want Kashmir to bleed so that their whims get satiated. If the latest rant on life imprisonment to the army personnel is aimed at scuttling the ongoing electoral process, Geelani be rest assured that people will reject him like they did during Panchayat elections.

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